Our environmental performance

Our environmental performance

We care about the natural landscape of Bohuslän

Caring for the Bohuslän landscape is very important to everyone at Lagunen. It is important to us that all humans, animals, as well as the natural environment are well looked after and respected, both here at Lagunen and across Bohuslän. This means that you can be certain that we all do our best to disrupt the natural environment as little as possible, and that we take active steps to reduce our climate impact each and every day.

Cottages with solar panels

We are doing our best to make your stays at Lagunen a little more sustainable. To achieve this, we have invested in making our Bergsbyn cottages more sustainable; to protect the environment and utilise the energy that is naturally available. Solar panels have been fitted on the roofs of the terraced cottages in Bergsbyn and produce environmentally friendly energy all year round. The electricity generated by the solar panels is used to power the air-sourced heat pumps in the buildings, warming them in colder weather and providing a cooling breeze in the summer. Sustainable and environmentally friendly!

  • All our cottages and rooms are self-sufficient when it comes to electricity.
  • We have fitted 432 panels.
  • Our installed power is 132 kW.
  • We produce approximately 125,000 kWh per year.
  • Our local energy production is equivalent to the annual consumption of 12 modern detached houses.

Lagunen generates renewable energy!

Lagunen is self-sufficient when it comes to electricity for all our cottages and rooms, and we have installed 232 panels in total. The energy we produce locally is equivalent to the annual consumption of 12 modern detached houses. Check below what we produce right now, this week, and over the year.

Sustainable geothermal heating

The standard cottages of Bergsbyn, at the foot of the hill, are sustainably heated using geothermal technology. Service blocks 1 and 2 are also powered with geothermal systems, which is a sustainable way to ensure you don’t feel cold while brushing your teeth and can take a hot shower whenever you like. The hot water in some of our service blocks is solar powered – solar collectors on the roof heat the water in an environmentally friendly way, so that you can shower with a clear conscience.

Basta och bada

Boka en dag för avkoppling med dina nära och kära, och njut av bastubad precis vid havet.

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På Lagunen kan du välja mellan flera olika grillplatser, alla i vacker miljö nära skog och hav.

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Lagunen is open all year round!

The campground at Lagunen is open all year round. This is a place where you can experience all the seasons of Bohuslän: the sprouting plants in spring, the refreshing salty spray and seaweed in summer, the stormy waves in autumn, and the ice that forms a crispy layer across the bay in winter. You can spend the night in a cottage, motorhome or caravan at Lagunen on any date, all year round, and one of our service blocks is always open. If we are not on site, you can use the automatic self check-in kiosk to check in and out.