Marina in Strömstad

Looking for a place to dock your boat close to Strömstad? Our docks are next to Lagunen Camping in Starekilen. You can book a spot just for one night or the whole season. Have your vacation along the Swedish West Coast and moor here!

Rent a slip

Rent a slip at Lagunen

Do you need a marina where you can dock your boat and feel comfortable in a secure environment? At Lagunen you can rent a split overnight or all season, we have multiple slips spread out over three docks. All the slips are between two and four meters wide and based at the Starekilen in Strömstad.

The slips are a part of a stable floating dock with Y-bars on both sides of the boat. One of the bars of each slip is a walking bar, allowing you easy access on and off your boat. Starekilen and the marina are located next to cycle lanes and a road ensuring you always have great access to your boat and Strömstad.

Prices for a slip

Prices starts from 2500 SEK (Swedish krona) per dock meter including the Y-Bars each season. We have 2.5M, 3M, 4M wide slips available.  For example, if you need a 3M wide slip for your boat, the price will be 7500 SEK per season.

Only need a slip for the night and not a whole season? Then the price is 150 SEK a night.

Rent a slip

Are you interested in renting a slip for your boat by Lagunen and Starekilen?

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    Vacation by boat along the Swedish west coast

    At Lagunen you’ll live next to where the ocean ends and Strömstad’s archipelago begins. Spend your vacation in Sweden and have something new to explore every day. Is it going to be a day in Strömstad, a boat tour on the Kosterhavet or a calm day with fishing crabs from the dock? At Lagunen you wake up to the sound of the waves rippling and the birds chirping. It’s up to you to decide when you want this to be your morning.