Activities on the West Coast

Experience the West Coast All Year Around

Many associate the West Coast with the summer, but we know how much there is to experience here all year around. Every season has its unique charm. Enjoy lazy days at the beach, play in the water and have a dip in the sea in the summertime, or take a much needed break from your everyday life during autumn, winter and spring. Lagunen is perfect for your weekend getaway all year around and wether you are in search of relaxation, an exiting adventure or a trip with your loved ones, Bohuslän offers you unforgettable memories. How about boating trips in July, seafood in October, sauna baths in December or golf in April?

Always Something to Do

At Lagunen there is always something to do. With the sea and the forest right outside the door the north of Bohuslän is the perfect destination for an active holiday. Here there is something for all to enjoy. Stay at Lagunen, discover the city of Strömstad or explore all the stunning sights in Bohuslän – you decide your adventure.

Vandra på Kosteröarna

Paketpris från 1890 kr/person

Bo på Lagunen och upptäck Kosteröarna i höst! Med vårt vandringspaket får ni båtbiljetter, kartor och beskrivningar av vandringslederna på Kosteröarnas fantastiska naturreservat.

(Svenska) Strandexkursion

(Svenska) Följ med en marinbiolog från Tjärnö marina laboratorium på strandexkursion! Vi kommer tillsammans med hjälp av håvar, hinkar och vattenkikare upptäcka det spännande livet vid Lagunens strandkant.

(Svenska) Höstlov på Lagunen

(Svenska) Välkommen till Lagunen på höstlov! Här finns aktiviteter och avkoppling för hela familjen. Cykla, vandra, fiska hummer, grilla korv vid vindskyddet och samla familjen i grillstugan med en kopp varm choklad. Avsluta dagen med en härlig stund i vår bastu och badtunna efter ett uppfriskande dopp i havet!

Gather Your Friends

To participate in a gathering with your campervan club, your association or your friends always is a lot of fun. But to organize the event is not always the easiest. That is why we are here to help you. We organize your gathering!

Tre män badar badtunna bara några meter ifrån havsvattnet.

Sauna & Hot Tub

Discover our lovely sauna and hot tub on the Mali jetty! Pure relaxation with stunning views over the bay.

Hike on the West Coast

Bohuslän's stunning scenery is fantastic to discover by hiking on of our many trails.

Expedition Bohuslän

Expedition Bohuslän takes you on fantastic adventures on the West Coast. Experience Bohuslän's exciting animals in the sea and on land, get out in the archipelago and learn more about Bohuslän's fascinating history and culture.

Island Hopping in Bohuslän

Explore the West Coast by island hopping! During the summer you can catch a boat going out in the archipelago directly from Lagunen's deck, where you easily can make your way to Strömstad and the Koster Islands and further through all of Bohuslän.

Tre barn med solglasögon sticker ut sina huvuden ur bilfönstret.

Go on a Day Excursion

Lagunen is perfectly located for exciting day excursions.

Biking Strömstad

Thrilling rides with your mountainbike! Discover the new Lagunen Bikepark, completed 2019 but possible to try out already. We are building a cross country track, a dirt track and a pump track, perfect for all the kids and young adults who would love an exciting ride!

Personer väntar på att gå ombord på båten som ska ta dem ut i Kosterhavet på västkusten nära Strömstad.

Go on a Boat Tour

Discover Kosterhavet and Bohuslän's exciting coast with boat tours leaving directly at Malis' deck. Departures several times a week in summer.

For the Kids

Lagunen is the perfect destination for the whole family! Discover all the fun things Lagunen has to offer for the younger ones.

Stay Updated

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Discover Everything at the West Coast

With Lagunen as starting point it is easy to discover all of the West Coast and Bohuslän. Here there is something for all tastes, whether you are in search of astonishing nature, gastronomic experiences, genuine history or urban areas.

The coast with its mountains and cliffs and the mysterious forests is the perfect choice for you who wants to climb, hike and bike through the landscape in Bohuslän. Only a stones throw from Lagunen you find Tanum’s World Heritage site, where the storys told through rock carvings still cause fascination and wonder. The archipelago offers world class experiences. Discover the islands in Kosterhavet from the canoe the next time you are here.

With the proximity to the picturesque towns of Bohuslän – Strömstad, Grebbestad, Fjällbacka and Smögen only to mention a few – you always have a day trip close at hand. Are you in search of a metropolis you reach Gothenburg and the theme park Liseberg within a couple of hours. In the other direction, you reach Norway and Oslo in only 1,5 hours from Strömstad. So – what are you waiting for?