Expedition Bohuslän

Adventures at the West Coast

Did you know that some snow leopards eat ice cream on Tuesdays? Or that sharks sink if they stop swimming? In Bohuslän there are many unexpected things to discover and experience. Meet wild animals, unique rock carvings, intriguing history,  art, and a national park beneath the surface. A true adventure for the curious ones. Welcome to Expedition Bohuslän!

In Bohuslän there are loads of things to discover, for both young and old. Expedition Bohuslän will take you on an exiting trip through seas, cliffs, forests and lakes at the West Coast.

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Photo: Erik Edvardsson © Nordens Ark

Havets Hus

Have a look at real sharks, starfishes and learn more about the life beneath the surface.


Nordens Ark

Snow leopard, wolf, sheep, goat, rabbit are just a few of the animals you can visit at Nordens Ark.


Kosterhavets Nationalpark

The first marine national park in Sweden with over 12.000 species beneath and above the surface.


Vitlycke Museum

Look at the rock carvings and learn more about the exciting life  during the bronze age at this world heritage site.


For the Kids

Lagunen is the perfect place for the whole family! Discover how much fun there is for the kids to do at Lagunen.

For Groups and Gatherings

Gather your friends and meet up at Lagunen. Here you will create a wonderful vacation suitable for everyone in the group. We will help you to arrange your stay.

Experiences in Bohuslän

Discover all the experiences in Expedition Bohuslän. At Lagunen Camping & Cottages in Strömstad there is a lot to do and you are close to all exciting adventures. Pet animals, see Kosterhavet and Strömstad’s archipelago up close or learn more about the culture and history in Bohuslän – what do you want to experience in Bohuslän?