The Boathouses at Lagunen

Unique Experiences in the Boathouses

The boathouses at Lagunen offer unique experiences. Right by the water and the jetty you find our beautiful boathouses, newly built according to traditions in Bohuslän. Here it is extra special to be in winter, when the frost has formed on the jetty. Enjoy the sauna in Eva’s Boathouse with a view of the crispy bay, eat a delicious private dinner infront of the crackling fire in Malis’ Boathouse and if you dare, go for a quick swim in the freezing water before you warm up in the wood-fired hot tub. Welcome to discover the boathouses at Lagunen!

Have Dinner in Malis’ Boathouse

Gather friends and family in Malis’ Boathouse for a lovely dinner togheter. We recommend the fresh seafood from Kosterhavet, especially during autumn when the lobster, crayfish, shrimps and mussels taste the best. In Malis’ Boathouse you are free to choose yourself how you wish to spend your evening together.

Malis’ Boathouse is perfect to rent for you and your friends, the family vacation or the conference. In Malis’ Boathouse you warm yourselves infront of the fireplace and have a stunning view of the crispy bay, the barren cliffs and the tall pine woods. Rent Malis’ Boathouse for a lovely dinner together, before you are ready for the sauna and a refreshing swim in the sea.

Två personer ute på bryggan nära vattnet. De är iklädda badrockar.
Person skalar bohuslänsk kräfta och dricker vitt vin.
Tre kvinnor i en bastu som pratar.
Tre män badar badtunna bara några meter ifrån havsvattnet.

Sauna and Hot Tub

Rent our sauna and hot tub, with the sea just outside, for a lovely evening together! Get changed in Klara’s Boathouse before you enjoy the sauna in Eva’s Boathouse. Relax and enjoy the warmth and the magical view of the bay just outside the window.

When you are ready it is time for a dip in the sea! Cool down in the salty water and jump in directly from the jetty – as refreshing all year around. After a quick swim you can warm up in the sauna, or in our wood-fired hot tub, where the steaming water will make you completely relaxed. Enjoy a cool drink, the glimmering bay and laughter and conversation with friends. Create memories you will never forget in Malis’, Klara’s and Eva’s boathouses.