At the campsite

The area of Lagunen

It’s easy to find Lagunen. Our beautiful campground is located right by the water’s edge in the bay, stretching over the rocky hills, open fields, and up to the beginning of the serene forest. Here, you’re close to everything that’s happening while enjoying a peaceful and pleasant stay with the gentle sea breeze always nearby.

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Where is the reception located? How close is it from my accommodation to the beach? Where is the nearest service house? Download the area map here!


On the Seaside

On the Seaside, you’ll find the reception and shop, Lagunen Kitchen and Bar, and Café Magasinet. At the beach, you’ll find our rental Boden, where you can rent everything from bicycles to motorboats. Here, you’ll also find our bathing beaches, boat docks, saunas, hot tubs, and adventure golf. On the Seaside, you have four service houses easily accessible from your accommodation.

Here, you can stay on camping lots in the Makrillen area with a magical view of the bay or on some of our more spacious lots in Rödspättan, beautifully located right by the beach. We also have Big-Rig lots on the Seaside for those who need extra space for their motorhome or caravan. On the Seaside, you’ll also find the cottages in Bergsbyn, Ekebo cabin, the hostel, and the Höjden cottages. You’ll also find some of our spots in the RV park with breathtaking views.

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Where is the reception located? How close is it from my accommodation to the beach? Where is the nearest service facility? Download the area map here!



Through a tunnel under the road, you can easily move from the Seaside to the Sunny Side (Solsidan). On the Sunny Side, you’ll find the Grill Cabin, our soccer field, and our awesome Bikepark Mini. Here, you’ll also find most of our spots in the RV park, our camping lots, and the service house on the Sunny Side.

For seasonal guests

If you’re a seasonal guest at Lagunen, you’ll stay in one of the following areas: Torsken, Räkan, Hummern, Krabban, Ålen, or Laxen.


Here you’ll find Lagunen’s current offers and packages, catering to both adults and children.

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Activities for the whole family!

At Lagunen, there’s always something to do. Check out our suggestions for what you and your family can do during your stay with us.

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Live on the West Coast year-round

At Lagunen, you can stay on the West Coast year-round. Here, you can experience Kosterhavet in all seasons: the shimmering light of spring, the salt-scented winds of summer, the mighty waves of autumn, and the crisp frost covering the bay in winter. On the West Coast, there’s always something to do, no matter when you yearn for extraordinary experiences. At Lagunen, you’re close to discovering all of Bohuslän’s hidden gems, and here, you live comfortably on your own terms.