Camping on the West Coast

Explore the Swedish West Coast

At Lagunen Camping it’s possible to stay in a caravan, camper or tent all year. Staying at a campsite gives you freedom, you can decide where your adventure shall bring you! Experience a Swedish vacation on the West Coast with salty ocean, dramatic cliffs and green meadows – everything a stone’s throw away.


Spend your vacation in Sweden and discover the camping life. Camping in Sweden is both independent and comfortable! At Lagunen Camping you can stay in your caravan, camper or tent and have all amenities you may need. Each campsite is placed in a beautiful scenery – regardless of where you’re staying!

Adapted for the motorhomes’ needs

Lagunen Camping provides you arriving with a motorhome a private parking in the motorhome park. With your own patio, water, sewage, electricity and internet. We also offer camping pitches with an own fireplace where you can have a BBQ.

Stay in your camper either on the ocean side or the sunny side. On the ocean side you can choose to stay right next to the salty scented beach, or on the hill overlooking Lagunen. On the sunny side, as the name implies, you have the most sun. You can also find the popular BBQ hut there!


Areas for motorhomes

Motorhome Park Terass, Motorhome Park Solsidan, Motorhome Park Strand, Rödspättan, Solsidan 



Bring your caravan on vacation in Sweden and stay at Lagunen Camping! At our campsite you have all amenities needed in a close reach – everything adapted for the life in a caravan. Perfect for you who want to experience the West Coast up close and at the same time have the comfort of a campsite.

Adapted for the caravan’s needs

Lagunen Camping provides several campsites for you arriving with a caravan. On the ocean side you can choose the areas Rödspättan, or Big Rig. Solsidan on the sunny  side you’ll have the best chances of sun and from the children’s trampoline you have the most magical view over the sparkling bay.

Areas for caravans

Rödspättan, Solsidan, Big Rig (For big caravans)

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Become one with nature during your vacation in Sweden! Pitch your tent at one of our cozy camping plots. When it comes to amenities, the campsite has everything you can possibly think of. At the same time the nature is your neighbor – a superb way to explore Sweden and the West Coast!

For those with tents

Those who want to tent during their Sweden vacation, choose if you want with or without electricity. Be close to nature and at the same time have all amenities a campsite brings. Perfect for the whole family! With a tent you can choose the area Solsidan.


Areas for tents


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Sauna and hot tub

Book a day for relaxation with your beloved ones, and enjoy the sauna or hot tub looking out over the mirror-like ocean.

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Freely and comfortable on a campground

Regardless of whether your arriving with camper, caravan or tent you’re sincerely welcomed to Lagunen Camping. Here you’ll find all amenities you may need at a campsite. Staying at a campsite is an independent and a comfortable way to spend your vacation in Sweden.


The campsite’s areas

Our guests bear witnesses to beautiful surroundings and a great location by the ocean; on the ocean’s side you’ll find Makrillen, Rödspättan and Big Rig where you’re close to much fun and swimming – here you wake up to the salty scents of the ocean. On the sunny side of the campsite you have the best chances to have a full day of sun – here you can enjoy the magical view over the sunset in the shimmering bay.