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Vacation Together at Lagunen

At Lagunen it is easy to have vacation together. Experience Bohuslän’s salty archipelago with stormy winds, granite cliffs and glittering water all year around. When you are planning your meet-ups Lagunen is the perfect place base for both accommodation and activities and the West Coast always offers fantastic experiences. Here there is always something to do that is suitable for the whole group, no matter who you are or what you are searching. Lagunen is the perfect meeting place for the campervan club or when you wish to hang out with your caravan friends – at Lagunen there is all you need and Strömstad’s archipelago is yours to discover. With the proximity to Strömstad’s activity hall Lagunen is the perfect place to stay during your  training camp. Bring your best friends, fishing buddies, colleges, school class or association for a lovely weekend or week together!

In Bergsbyn you stay easily and comfortably with proximity to the sea. Here you are able to sleep, eat and hang out on your own conditions. Choose yourself if you wish to cook food in the cottage your enjoy the food at Lagunen Kitchen & Bar. Or why not try the meals at one of Strömstad’s many cozy cafés?

There are many group activities we could help you to arrange during your stay. What about a boat tour at Kosterhavet, a BBQ-dinner in the BBQ-hut or a delicious seafood plateau with some time in the sauna and hot tub at Malis’ deck? You decide your adventure.

We Arrange Your Gathering!

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Experience the West Coast with your friends! Book a big party tent with room for 130 persons and possibilities to BBQ and spend time in the sauna together. Perfect for a meet-up with your campervan or caravan club.

This is Lagunen

Within a stone’s throw from Strömstad, you find Lagunen Camping & Cottages, the paradise by the water. Here you get the scent of sea, salty cliffs, freshly grilled fish and pinewoods, all year around. Whenever you need a break you are always welcome to our camping at the West Coast. With our fantastic location by Kosterhavet National Park in the north of Bohuslän you are always close to breathtaking nature, a beautiful archipelago, exciting adventure and treats out of the ordinary. Swimming, hiking, canoeing, biking, going on a boat trip or having a stroll through Strömstad – what do you want to do at the West Coast?