Food at the West Coast

Enjoy the Taste of Bohuslän

At Lagunen and in Strömstad you are able to truly get the taste of Bohuslän. The right place to enjoy the delicacies of the sea is here at the West Coast. The fishing boats return daily from Kosterhavet , bringing fresh catch to the harbor for you to enjoy all year around, but perhaps preferably during autumn when the seafood is at its best. In Strömstad there is a plethora of restaurants serving top class fish and shellfish. Or why not buy some seafood from the harbor and bring them to Malis deck at Lagunen, right next to our own boathouse, and experience the ultimate genuine experience of Bohuslän?

Food for the Vacation Feeling

Enjoying a really good dinner is an important part of your vacation. At Lagunen we know that the food is equally as important during your vacation as your accommodation. Here we have Lagunen Kitchen & Bar that serves a delicious meal for both young and old as well as several BBQ areas when you prefer to cook your own dinner. At Lagunen you can arrange your own picnic right outside your caravan or enjoy the delicacies of the sea at your terrace by your cottage. The food at the West Coast offers occasions of enjoyment, all year around.

3 for 2

Selected dates

Book camping or cottage for 3 nights, pay only for 2. The offer is valid when staying at us 16 augusti-31 december. Discover Bohuslän all year around! Enter code 3FOR2 when booking.

Kitchen & Bar

Welcome to our excellent restaurant right on the shore.


The BBQ Hut

Book our lovely BBQ hut at the Sunset Side, for a delightful BBQ night surrounded by our friends and family.


Café Magasinet

A refreshing ice cream and some exciting adventure golf is perfect for hot summer days.


Strömstad and Kosterhavet

Here you will find restaurants and cafés with flavors from all over the world.


Ready for a BBQ?

Have your barbecue with a ocean view or surrounded by trees in the forest. Discover our wonderful BBQ-spots at Lagunen!

Malis' Boathouse

Lagunen's charming boathouses you find right by the water, built according to traditions in Bohuslän. Rent Malis' boathouse and gather your friends and family for dinner and end the night with sauna and a swim in the sea.

Meals to Enjoy

At Lagunen you have every opportunity to create meals to enjoy. Here we have delicious options for every occasion and you can always find something suitable for the whole family. Cook your own feast using local ingredients from Strömstad’s markets or visit Lagunen Kitchen & Bar when you do not feel like standing over the stove. Discover the range of restaurants and cafés Strömstad has to offer, with a large variation of dishes and flavors from all over the world.  What do you feel like eating today?