BBQ at Lagunen

Have a BBQ at Lagunen

Few places are as beautiful to BBQ at as Lagunen. With a view of the bay you see the sun set behind the cliffs while the scent of BBQ spreads across the campsite. At Lagunen there are several BBQ spots for you who want to have a cozy meal with your family or a dinner party with your friends.

BBQ All Year Around at Utsikten

By our wind shield you can BBQ with a stunning view all year around. You reach Utsikten after a short walk through the forest and from here you see the whole Starekilen and probably get the best sunset view possible. During autumn and winter it is extra cozy to warm yourself by the wind shield with your friends by the crackling fire.

There are fire wood by the wind shield and here you have every opportunity to cook yourself a delicious dinner, wether you want to BBQ the day’s catch from Strömstad’s local fishermen or something simpler like hotdogs. Do not forget to finish the dinner with some sweet marshmallows, much appreciated by both young and old!

Eld vid Lagunens vindskydd.
Person i läderhandskar håller i kaffe.

BBQ with the Big Grill at the Beach

Right by the water on the Ocean Side we have a big grill, where you are welcome to cook yourself a delicious dinner. Gather your friends and have a dinner party! You bring your own charcoal and there is enough space for everyone to get warm by the fire and enjoy the view of the bay. And you do not have to worry about the weather – the roof above the grill will protect your dinner from the rain.

More Places to Have a BBQ at Lagunen

At Makrillen high up on the mountain on the Ocean Side there is a cozy BBQ spot where you can gather a few loved once for a dinner with a stunning view of the glittering bay. You also find grills in Bobilparken on the Sunset Side and by the cottages in Bergsbyn Terrace. At the Sunset Side we also have our cozy BBQ hut which is available to book for all guests at Lagunen, where you can gather all your friends and family for a lovely dinner together. Read more about the BBQ hut here.