Stay in a motorhome in Sweden

Welcome to the Motorhome Park

At Lagunen Camping you can stay at our enjoyable Motorhome Park. Spend your vacation in Sweden best way possible – at our campsite you live close to nature as well as you have all amenities you may need. We have four different areas customized for campers – all of them with wonderful surroundings.

The Motorhome Park Solsidan

The Motorhome Park is customized especially for motorhomes. It’s developed and adapted for the life in a camper and is open all year around! We’ve gathered inspiration from the US and from the Nordic ski resorts to develop the perfect concept for motorhomes in Sweden.

At your camping pitch you easily connect your sewerage directly in the ground – there for you never have to empty it yourself. Also, there’s a paved surface to park your camper as well as a private stoned patio and a lawn. In the area there’s also a BBQ hut with a fireplace which fits a larger group. Perfect for spending time together during chilly autumn evenings. Also, on the pitches 1-14 there are private fireplaces with firewood included.


What’s included

Paved surface for the camper, water, electricity, sewerage, free WI-FI, stoned patio, TV-connection.

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The Motorhome Park Terrace

Here you will find our newest area for motorhomes. These are close to the campground’s features as spacious family bathrooms, where there is plenty of space with two showers, toilets and sinks – open all year around.

Every camping pitch has their own water and sewerage. Where you park it’s even and paved, and in front of the camper you have a stoned patio. The pitches on The Terrace are built of 900 million years old stones from Krokstrand, 25 minutes from Lagunen. It’s Ide fjords granite and a residual product from the quarry. We drove 390 tons of stone to the campsite, 340 tons of it we used for the walls and the rest can be found at “Lagunen Bikepark”.


What’s included

Paved camping pitch, water, electricity, sewerage, free Wi-Fi, stoned patio, TV connection.

Maximum length of the motorhome: 8 m

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Motorhome Park Beach

As the name implies these camping pitches are designed for you with motorhomes in Sweden, searching for something extra during the vacation. Here you have the beach as your neighbor on the ocean side of the campsite. Open all year around!

While staying here you’re close to everything the campsite offers. The Beach and the morning swim is just a few steps away. With the store nearby you can easily buy bred straight from the oven in the mornings. Every camping pitch has private water and sewerage. You park where it’s evenly graveled with a stoned patio in front of your camper. Of course electricity, TV and WI-FI are included.


What’s included

Hard-surfaced parking, water, electricity, sewerage, free WI-FI, stoned patio, TV- connection

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Big Rig

Are you camping in Sweden with a larger motorhome or caravan? We have the perfect camping pitches at Big Rig. There’s plenty of space to maneuver and you’re in the center of the campground, there for your close to everything.

From Big Rig you reach the BBQ hut and the Motorhome Park Solsidan, in a couple of minutes, by taking the tunnel under the road. Every camping pitch has its’ own hard-surfaced parking with a lawn, and they are in floors so every guest has their own delimited area. On the ground at the camping pitch you can connect the camper’s sewerage.


What’s included

Hard-surfaced parking, water, electricity, sewerage, free WI-FI, stoned patio, TV- connection

Maximum length of the motorhome: 12m

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Winter in the Motorhome Park

Do you want a vacation in Sweden during winter? Park your camper at Lagunen and enjoy the West Coast anytime you want. Book your winter parking! Price 5995kr + electricity.

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Weather for an outdoor BBQ?

At Lagunen you can choose between several different firepits we’ve made for you to have a fantastic barbecue.


Camping in Sweden with a motorhome

At Lagunen Camping’s Motorhome Park you have your camping pitch with a private patio, water, sewerage, electricity, internet and TV – the ultimate accommodation perfectly adapted for your camper. Some camping pitches also have a private fireplace where you can barbecue if you wish. You can find The Motorhome Park on both the ocean’s side and the sunny side.

On the ocean’s side you can stay either next to the salty scented beach or higher up on the hill overlooking Lagunen, and the sunny side is the best location for sun and gorgeous evenings. Staying in The Motorhome Park you’re also close to the popular BBQ hut – here you can barbecue for dinner and enjoy it together with good friends – all year around! Have the best Swedish vacation by staying at Lagunen Camping!