Biking Strömstad

Mountainbiking for Youths in Strömstad

Get on an exciting adventure with your mountainbike! Together with Strömstad CK and Strömstad municipality, we create biking experiences for kids and young adults in Strömstad. With the project “Biking Strömstad” we are developing Lagunen Bikepark, the area around Tjärndalen in Strömstad, with several exciting bike tracks suitable for anyone who would like to get on their mountainbike and go for a ride through the forest.

Lagunen Bikepark

Lagunen Bikepark offers exciting adventures for the whole family, but foremost for kids and young adults who would like to get the thrilling experience of riding a mountainbike through the forest. With the project Biking Strömstad we are developing for example:

  • Bikepark Mini  - a perfect pump track for practicing technique. Speed up without pedaling, instead you use the humps in the track to "pump" yourself forward and in that way practice both your speed and flexibility. Finished 2017.
  • Cross country-track - a 3 km long terrain track inspired by the Olympic track in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Bike over logs and stones, through mud and tight turns and other exciting challenges, suitable for both beginners and experienced. Expected to be finished in 2019.
  • Dirt track - a thrilling track with a lot of jumps and tricks which will give you a proper adrenalin rush! The track is being designed to be suitable for both beginners and experienced. Expected to be finished in 2019.

Lagunen Bikepark will also be developed with for example hiking and biking routes, electronic biking tracks with a GPS-based navigation system and an outdoor gym.

Projekt Biking Strömstad

Biking Strömstad is an EU-project within LEADER that is administrated by Leader Bohuskust by order of the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The project is owned and run by Lagunen Camping & Cottages together with Strömstad CK and Strömstad Municipality.

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Participated in bicycle training at Lagunen with Strömstad CK. Challenging workouts every week from early spring to late autumn, for both beginners and advanced.