Environment and Sustainability

Protect Bohuslän’s Environment

At Lagunen we proudly protect Bohuslän’s environment. For us it is important that people, animals and nature at Lagunen and in Bohuslän are respected and taken care for. That is why you can trust that we at Lagunen take our responsibility with disturbing the environment as little as we can and are actively working with reducing our environmental impact.

Cottages with Solar Panels

When you stay at Lagunen, you do so under more sustainable forms. We have put some extra effort into making the cottages in Bergsbyn extra sustainable in order to care of the environment and make use of the energy at Lagunen. The terrace-cottages in Bergsbyn are equipped with solar panels on the roof that produce environmental friendly electricity all year around. The electricity from the solar panels are for example used by the heat pump, that warms the house when it is chilly outside and cools it down on hot summer days. Sustainable and environmental friendly!

Sustainable Geothermal Heating

Climbing along the mountain you find our standard cottages in Bergsbyn that are driven by sustainable geothermal heating. Also our service facilities 1 and 2 are driven by geothermal heating, that in a sustainable way make sure that you avoid being cold when brushing your teeth and can have a warming shower when needed. Some parts of our service facilities even get their hot water from the sun – with sun panels on the roof the water gets heated up environmental friendly and you can have a shower with a clear conscience.

Blue Flag

At Lagunen we are proud that our beaches are certificated according to Blue Flag, an international eco-label that care for the marine environment. With the Blue Flag eco-label you can trust that the water quality, safety, service, environmental education and information live up to the demands and expectations that are being put. In Sweden there are only 5 beaches and 10 harbors with a Blue Flag-certificate (2018) and we are proud to be one of these. That is why you can go for a swim with a clear conscience at Lagunen!

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Our History

For over 60 years our campsite has been a popular holiday resort in Bohuslän.


Our Environmental Liability

At Lagunen we take responsibility for the environment and the Bohuslän nature around us.



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