Boat tours on the Swedish West Coast

Go on a boat tour with us

Come along on a boat tour and explore the magical archipelago. Lagunen is perfectly situated by the ocean. Perfect for exploring the islands, the rich animal life and the fascinating history of Koster Islands up close. Discover one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines!

Boat tours from Lagunen

The boat tours start and finishes by the boathouses at Lagunen. Enjoy the ocean up close and feel the wind in your hair while exploring the beautiful archipelago and the life around it. On the boat there is serving of food and drink, and you can stay inside, by one of the tables, while you look out on the beautiful surrounding. Or stand on deck and enjoy the sun and the salty winds.

Find your tour and secure your spot by booking down below. If you’re a group wishing to have a private tour through the beautiful archipelago, contact the reception and we’ll help you with your adventure.

Swedish vacation rentals on the West Coast

At Lagunen you’ll stay in the beautiful archipelago of Strömstad. There are plenty of things to explore. Enjoy a day in the picturesque town Strömstad, a boat tour on the ocean called Kosterhavet or bring your kids to the dock and learn to fish small crabs. The best spot is by the boathouses, right next to the beach on the campsite. Adults and children have been enjoying this activity at that spot for decades! Listen to the sounds of waves rippling, birds chirping and feel the salty breeze from the ocean.