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Bring your bike onboard the ferry

Lagunen is located just over 3 km from the bustling town of Strömstad, which offers both action-filled activities and relaxation all year round. The best way to travel from Lagunen to the Koster Islands is by bike, and the cycleway takes you safely all the way from Lagunen to the North Harbour, from which the ferries to Koster depart.

Go ashore on Sydkoster!

Bring your bike, for a fee, onboard the ferry. It will make it much easier to explore the Koster Islands. With your own bike, you are free to disembark or board from any pier. Start by disembarking at one of the three piers on Sydkoster. From there, you can reach all parts of the island by gravel roads. The island offers tasty meals and lots of memorable experiences. If you also want to visit the north island – Nordkoster – cycle to Långegärde, where you park the bicycles before catching either the cable-operated ferry or one of the bigger boats.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one at Lagunen. Remember to choose an earlier departure time in the summer, when many people want to visit the islands. And don’t forget your swimwear!

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Easy cycling with plenty of places to stop.

Approximate distance

This is a small island. A trip to and from Lagunen and across the island is around 10 km.


Plan to spend a whole day.


The cycle trails on the Koster Islands are unmarked, but it is almost impossible to get lost.

Biking-package Koster!

When you book accommodation at Lagunen, you have the opportunity to book our bicycle package. The package means that in addition to the accommodation, you book a bicycle and boat tickets to Koster, one ticket for you and one for the bicycle. You also get map material and tips on where to bike at Koster and in Strömstad. The advantage of the package is that you can easily get in to Strömstad and out to Koster without having to think about where to park the car, or where to buy boat tickets. The price for the package is SEK 349 per person.

För att boka gör du såhär:
  • Step 1: Scroll down the page to the booking and select the dates you want to book with us. Then start the booking.
  • Step 2: Select the type of accommodation you want to book and press book.
  • Step 3: Now it's time to fill in all the details for your booking and add the number of bike packages you want to book. It costs SEK 349 per person.
  • Step 4: Complete the booking.

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Stay near the archipelago of Strömstad

At Lagunen you stay right by the ocean, where the Strömstad archipelago begins. The site has lots to enjoy and discover. Will you spend the day exploring Strömstad, enjoying a boat trip on Kosterhavet, or relaxing and catching crabs from Mali’s jetty, right next to Lagunen’s own beach? At Lagunen you wake to the sound of lapping waves, shrieking seagulls and the sea breeze from Kosterhavet, which finds its way into the bay all year round – what time you wake up is up to you.