The cycling route to Idrefjorden!

LVG Krokstrand

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On tarmac and gravel through the inland parts of Bohuslän.

Bohuslän’s northern inland offers plenty of great cycling and exciting experiences on both tarmac and gravel. The beautiful natural landscape is interspersed with cultural and historic sites. There are also lots of smaller roads into our lovely neighbouring country, Norway. A nice place to cross the border is Vassbotten. This is also where the Bohusleden trail connects and where you find Bohuslän’s highest waterfall, Älgafallet.

What you get to see and experience!

The inland of northern Bohuslän is under-appreciated. Most people visit Strömstad to swim and sunbathe. This is very noticeable when you cycle, as there are few cars on the roads.

This route offers an undulating landscape with deep forests and lakes, topped off with a stunning fjord landscape. You ride along Idrefjord with Norway on the other side of the water. As expected near a fjord, the height differences are great, giving the thigh muscles an opportunity to show what they can do. This route also offers both culture and history – the rock carvings at the farms in Massleberg and Jörlov, the tango in Krokstrand, the remains of the stonemason era, the tall ships that used to sail into the fjord and be loaded with stones before transporting newly cut cobblestones to Argentina. The final stretch of the route runs past Blomsholms Säteri, then follows the cycleway along Strömsvattnet towards Strömstad.

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Due to its length and elevation profile, this is a challenging route. Most people manage if enough time is allowed.

Approximate distance

Measured to 59 km. A short section in the middle requires a 120-metre climb.


Plan for a whole day and bring a packed lunch and coffee. If you are experienced and want to exercise, around 3h.


No markings, however, runs along established highways with few cars. Use an app and download the GPX file.

Which map application do you use?

Lagunen has decided to focus on three apps, which we find work well in our area. All have useful free versions available, although a paid subscription obviously means more features. You can also download the GPX file to your own favourite app. In addition, our reception sells a useful leisure map, scale 1:50,000.

  • Viewranger: This app has a good user interface and useful map functions. Originally designed for hiking and navigating in forests and nature. Easy to create trips and plan routes. We use it mainly for hiking and trail riding. Integrates with Openstreetmap, which is very up-to-date in our area.
  • Trailforks: This is home turf for trail riders. The app is a meeting place for anyone who enjoys cycling in woodland. Free maps make it easy to find good trail riding routes.
  • Strava: This app has been around for a long time and has many users in our area. This means that it is very up-to-date and includes recommendations for both road cycling and mountain biking.

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Stay near the archipelago of Strömstad

At Lagunen you stay right by the ocean, where the Strömstad archipelago begins. The site has lots to enjoy and discover. Will you spend the day exploring Strömstad, enjoying a boat trip on Kosterhavet, or relaxing and catching crabs from Mali’s jetty, right next to Lagunen’s own beach? At Lagunen you wake to the sound of lapping waves, shrieking seagulls and the sea breeze from Kosterhavet, which finds its way into the bay all year round – what time you wake up is up to you.