Trout fishing

Trout fishing at Lagunen

Enjoy great fishing on the Swedish west coast this spring! Trout fishing is permitted from April, when keen fishermen gather at Lagunen to try their fishing luck. Stay at Lagunen and experience magical trout fishing in the Strömstad Archipelago. Pack your fishing gear and book a weekend of socialising and wonderful days of fishing! Try your luck at one of our own fishing sites within the area, enjoy the day – and why not barbecue your catch on the beach later in the evening?

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When is trout fishing permitted?

On the Swedish west coast, trout fishing is permitted between April 1st and September 30th.

Required size?

Salmon and sea trout must measure at least 45 cm. Fish smaller than the minimum requirement must be released immediately.

Fishing method

Both sea trout and salmon can be caught with fly fishing rods or by angling. If you prefer angling, use a spoon lure. For fly fishing, use ‘flies’ on the surface.

Great fishing available!

There is more to Bohuslän than the magnificent landscape and the plentiful sea trout. The long coastal strip offers easy access and unbeatable fishing opportunities. Lagunen has several good trout fishing spots; our own favourite is Trälsund, which is also popular among anglers.

Keep in mind!

It is important to remember that fishing is regulated, and you need to read up on the rules before you begin:

  • Fishing is not permitted between the last day of September and the last day of March, and there are also some protection areas to consider.
  • You can obviously keep a nice, shiny sea trout for dinner, but it must be at least 45 cm long.
  • Remember to only keep as much fish as your household can consume and to handle any fish you are planning to return to the water as gently as possible. A successful day’s fishing can result in a large number of sea trout, and it is important to think long-term and protect our great fishing opportunities for the future.

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Bo vid Strömstads skärgård

På Lagunen bor du precis där havet och Strömstads skärgård börjar. Här finns alltid något att upptäcka. Blir det en heldag i Strömstad, en båttur på Kosterhavet eller en lugn dag med krabbfiske på mage från Malis brygga, alldeles intill Lagunens badstrand? På Lagunen vaknar du till ljudet av vågornas skvalpande, måsarnas skrik och Kosterhavets havsbris som letar sig in i viken året runt – det är bara du som bestämmer när.