Walk on Saltö

Saltö has a lot to offer for anyone who likes hiking! The island’s beautiful nature reserve includes both tall fir trees and surprisingly rugged terrain, with both hills and valleys. The island is criss-crossed by a network of well-worn paths, ready to be explored by curious feet.

The Nature Reserve

Saltö Nature Reserve covers almost as much water as land and is one of the entrances to Kosterhavet National Park. The area has more species than almost any other in Sweden: approximately 12,000 plant and animal species live above and below the surface. Please note: Saltö’s Nature Reserve has a number of rules and regulations, please see for further information.

Ladda ner vandringskarta


The paths and trails on Saltö vary from easy to intermediate or difficult. The well-trodden paths are easy to walk, but if you go off the beaten track, the difficulty rises significantly.

Approximate duration

How long you spend walking is entirely up to you and your party, and the type of walk you want. A half-hour amble or a whole day in the wilderness; on Saltö you set the limits for both time and difficulty.


Saltö covers an area of around 400 hectares, which includes both the island itself and surrounding waters. It is approximately 1,5 kilometres long and almost as wide. Saltö is not a traditional walking destination and therefore not marked as such.

An archipelago with varied and breath-takingly beautiful nature

Around 10 kilometres south of Strömstad is Saltö, the westernmost point in the Tjärnö Archipelago. This part of Strömstad is one of the most popular hiking areas in the municipality. The reasons for this are many! Despite its modest size (193 hectares), the island offers plenty of natural variety. The type of ancient coastal pine forest that covers this island is only found in the northern parts of Bohuslän. Barren granite cliffs lead down to the water. Protected orchids flower here in the summer and wild chanterelles are plentiful in the autumn. Walking on Saltö offers opportunities to see both deer, elks and foxes. In places, the landscape is as magically beautiful as a John Bauer painting.

Family-friendly hiking

Despite the dense and hilly landscape, the area offers plenty of paths. This means that you can easily bring even the youngest members of your family on a daytrip among trees and moss-covered rocks. Or on a peaceful stroll on wide paths among the tall pine trees. Choose the type of walk that is most suitable for you and your family; the opportunities are almost endless. Saltö resembles a nature’s own amusement park, a summer paradise, but open all year round.

Great places to swim

After a few hours’ walk, why not take a break by the sea. This is easy on Saltö. Do you prefer to find a small, secluded bay or diving from the rocks? Or would you rather relax on a beach? The choice is yours. The Nature Reserve also has an exciting snorkelling trail: a nature path in shallow water with lots of fun stuff to discover.

Vandra på västkusten från Lagunen Camping & Stugor

Från Lagunen Camping & Stugor har du ett toppenläge när du vill vandra på västkusten! Ta med dig tältet, packa ner kängorna, fyll ryggsäcken med bra snacks och kom till Bohuslän när du vill vandra vid kusten. Vandra på saltstänkta Nordkoster och Sydkoster, prova på någon av etapperna längs Bohusleden och Kuststigen eller upptäck de lite mindre vandringsturerna på Saltö, Västra Rossö – Kockholmen och runt Lagunen Camping & Stugor. Att vandra i Bohuslän passar utmärkt oavsett om du är nybörjare, van entusiast eller rutinerat proffs. Välkommen att upptäcka vandring på västkusten.