kayaking on the west coast

Explore one of the best vacation spots in Sweden

Kayaking in the archipelago and in Sweden’s only marine national park is something very special. The salty water, the rich animals life and the many islands offer a nature experience impossible to find anywhere else. Maybe one of the friendly seals will join you?

Tour suggestion

Choose the rout which fits you and your company the best! Start kayaking in the calm water by Lagunen. Throughout the journey, there will not be many boats and they will not be allowed to go fast. We wish you a pleasant tour!

Live by the archipelago

At Lagunen you live right where the sea and Strömstad’s archipelago begin. There is always something to discover here. Will it be a full day in Strömstad, a boat trip in the Koster Sea or a quiet day with crab fishing? On the Lagoon you wake up to the sound of the waves crashing, the seagulls screaming and the Koster Sea breeze finding its way into the bay all year round – only you decide when.