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Lagunen Camping is a beautiful campsite close to nature that offers all the finest of the west coast. Stay overnight with a caravan, motorhome or rent a cabin or glampingtent to enjoy the beauty of Bohuslän. The proximity to both Koster and Strömstad gives you the opportunity to create unforgettable memories at Lagunen Camping!

Bike on Koster!

Bike on Koster!

When you book accommodation at Lagunen, you have the option to book our bicycle package. The package means that in addition to accommodation, you book a bicycle and boat tickets to Koster.

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Book activities online!

You can now book activities online!

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Always something to do

The activities at Lagunen are many: cycling, kayaking, hiking, taking a boat trip – or try to just be a while. What do you want to do on the west coast?

Activities for the family!

There is always something to do at Lagunen. Check out our suggestions on what you and your family can come up with during your stay with us.

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Bathe and swim

Book a day to relax with your loved ones, and enjoy the sauna right by the sea.

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Lagunen Stories

Berättelser från Bohuslän och livet i naturen

Laga mat över öppen eld!

Att njuta en god bit i sällskap med goda vänner, är en sann njutning. Men att kunna göra det utomhus, är ännu starkare. Maten smakar ännu bättre när man äter den i skogen bland tallar och träd, eller vid havet till ljudet av vågskvalpet i eftermiddagssolen.

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Do not miss!

With booked accommodation at Lagunen Camping, you are close to many events and activities, all year round. Fishing, kayaking or cultural events – something exciting always happens here.

Welcome to Lagunen Camping

Lagunen Camping & Stugor is located near Strömstad, at the opening to the Koster Sea and the heart of the west coast. If you come from the south, take E6 and E45, from the north you can most easily reach Strömstad via E18 and E20. From Strömstad, it is clearly signposted how you get to Lagunen Camping and the best of Bohuslän!

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Do not miss!

With booked accommodation at Lagunen Camping, you’ll be close to many events and activities year-round. Fishing, paddling, or cultural events – there’s always something exciting happening here.

Welcome to Lagunen Camping & Cottages!

Lagunen Camping & Cottages is just a stone’s throw away from Strömstad, at the entrance to Kosterhavet and the heart of the West Coast. If you’re coming from the south, you can take E6 and E45, while if you’re coming from the north, the easiest way to reach Strömstad is via E18 and E20. From Strömstad, there are clear signs on how to get to Lagunen Camping and experience the best of Bohuslän!

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