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Travel together to Sweden

Travel to Sweden as a group or arrange a camp! Lagunen Camping is the perfect place to stay when you want to discover the Swedish West Coast together with your class from school, group of friends or your association. We have several years of experience of customizing group travels adapted to your wishes!

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School trips

At Lagunen Camping and further afield there are plenty of opportunities for you and your class to have a great trip. Try beach excursion with a marine biologist, go hiking on different tracks, try kayaking, canoeing, SUP or visit the marine national park called Kosterhavet. We’ll help you plan the trip as you want it!

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Camps for your team

Book your team’s camp at Lagunen Camping and we’ll arrange everything you need – food, booking of training centers and of course you’ll stay comfortably in our cottages. We collaborate with Aktivitet Strömstad , an association in charge of sports in Strömstad. Therefore, we can offer you scheduled times for training, both inside and outside. Soccer, floorball or handball – we’ll arrange the camp for you!

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Group meeting

Visit the West Coast and stay at Lagunen Camping, the best place for your group meeting. Whether it’s a Camper Club, an association or a group of friends we’ll fix your meet up all year! Depending on time of year we’ll offer two big marquees with room for 120-130 seated persons. Each meet up is unique, don’t hesitate contacting us with your wishes – we’ll solve pretty much anything!

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Book group and camp

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    Meet up at Strömstad's archipelago

    At Lagunen camping we have great experience of arranging group meetings adapted to your wishes. Throughout the years we’ve arranged camps and travels for hand ball teams, cycling clubs, schools, orchestras and other associations sharing an interest. Beside the main activities you’ll be doing, Strömstad has plenty of things for you to be occupied with. As an example, a boat tour to the famous Koster Islands or a stroll in the fisherman village Strömstad. Travel to the West Coast and discover the wide range of activities around the year.