BBQ-spots at Lagunen

BBQ at Lagunen

At Lagunen, we love to barbecue. It’s even better over an open fire. That’s why we have more than 30 different fireplaces you can use. Everyone staying in our Glamping tents and the RV park on the sunny side has their own fireplaces on their private outdoor spaces. Welcome to Lagunen and cook your food over an open fire.

BBQ Cabin

With inspiration from the Swedish mountain world, we created the Grillstugan. It’s located on the hill above the RV park on the sunny side. Once you’ve lit the open fireplace, you can sit down on the oak benches at the long table. We’ve crafted both the tables and benches from oak trees that have grown strong on Lagunen’s grounds.


Tallterassen is located on Lagunen’s grounds, deep in the large forest towards Lagunen Bikepark. Here, you can experience a magical view of the inlet in Starekilen. The windswept pine trees scatter the evening’s last rays of sunshine well into the night. The fireplace and grill area are accompanied by a stylish wind shelter, crafted by our excellent caretakers, just for you. They’ve also chopped the wood you’re burning.

The pizza oven at the Grill Terrace

The wood-fired pizza oven, where you can bake your own favorite pizza – doesn’t that sound fantastic?! You can borrow a pizza peel and a brush from the reception, two essential tools to create the best pizza in world history!

The Grill Mountain by the boathouses

With the sun in the west and the boathouses in the east, you can settle down by the fireplace located just above the Trälbryggan and at the end of Makrillen. Here, you’ll find the perfect spot to barbecue a Käsekrainer sausage and enjoy some sweet marshmallows for dessert.

The Grill Temple at Lagunen Bikepark

At Lagunen Bikepark, we cut down some pine trees. After debarking the pines, we placed them in their respective corners. Once we built a floor and crafted a roof, we installed the fireplace. When you stand down in the Bikepark, it looks like a temple. Our very own grill temple!

The Grill Terrace on the Sunny Side

Here, you have the best opportunity to sit for a long time in the evening, enjoy the sunset, and listen to the crackling fire. The fire pan you’re using is suspended by three chains. Here, you can also hang up a coffee pot and brew yourself a real cup of coffee. Or why not try popping popcorn? Ask at the reception if you can borrow the popcorn pot.