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From farm to campsite

Our history stretches all the way back to the 1950s, when Lagunen was still a farm. The farm was home to a woman called Mali, who was the last person in a centuries-long agricultural tradition. But not long after, someone came up with the idea to transform the old farm into an oasis for camping enthusiasts.

The idea was turned into reality by a farmer’s boy and a hairdresser. They were the parents of Pelle Olausson who runs Lagunen today. The farm was repurposed, and ever since the 1950s, Lagunen has been a popular campground with both tourists and locals, expanding year by year. The Bohuslän heritage is still very noticeable today. The next time you visit, take a closer look at our boathouses Mali, Eva and Klara – all named after important women from our history.

Our history

Our campground has been a popular holiday destination in Bohuslän for 60 years.

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About our environmental performance

Here at Lagunen, we look after the environment and our natural surroundings.

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Lagunen is open all year round!

The campground at Lagunen is open all year round. This is a place where you can experience all the seasons of Bohuslän: the sprouting plants in spring, the refreshing salty spray and seaweed in summer, the stormy waves in autumn, and the ice that forms a crispy layer across the bay in winter. You can spend the night in a cottage, motorhome or caravan at Lagunen on any date, all year round, and one of our service blocks is always open. If we are not on site, you can use the automatic self check-in kiosk to check in and out.