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Rent a Swedish cabin!

Rent holiday cabins in Sweden! Travel on the West Coast and spend the night in a cozy cabin right by the ocean. Rent a cabin easily and have a unique vacation close to nature. Wake up to the waves rippling and the birds chirping, all year if you’d like.


Rent a home-like cabin in Sweden with a modern touch. Each cabin has 5+1 beds with two separate bedroom. Perfect for a family with kids! Travel to Sweden and discover everything the west Coast and Strömstad have to offer!

5+1 beds, 28kvm, TV, kitchen with a dishwasher, bathroom, a private balcony, geothermal heating, sun panels, free Wi-Fi

In the cabins 1-10 it’s permitted bringing animals if you ask when you’re booking.

The cabins are placed in the valley below the mountain in a comfortable reach to both the ocean and the reception. They’re powered by geothermal heating and sun panels, fully equipped and recently renovated. Enjoy your morning coffee in the sun as it sneaks up over the treetops, while the children runs to the beach to play.

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Bergsbyn Terrace

Looking for a bit more luxurious vacation rental? We have the perfect option – Bergsbyn Terrace. Stay among the treetops with a magical view over the landscape. The cabins have 5+1 beds and a lovely hotel feeling.

5+1 beds, 30kvm, TV, kitchen with a dishwasher, bathroom, a private balcony, geothermal heating, sun panels, free Wi-Fi

Stay in our eco-friendly cabins at Bergsbyn Terrace and be close to nature. Each cabin is powered by geothermal heating and sun panels on the roof. This accommodation is our most comfortable holiday cabin, the closest you can get to a hotel feeling at a campground. Discover the West Coast of Sweden and stay in a wonderful modern home-like cabin.

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If you are looking for a compact cabin with a loft, Ekebostugan is the perfect option. Being close to the beach and exciting adventures on the West Coast, makes this cabin a perfect choice for families with younger children.

2 beds + 4 on the loft, 24sqm, TV, kitchen, bathroom, a private balcony, free Wi-Fi

A typical Swedish cabin, with simpler standards, close to everything-  the beach, reception and restaurant. Stay comfortably on two floors and wake up to the sound of the waves rippling. Open the door, have a seat on the balcony and let the sun heat you up.

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Here you’ll find our currents offers and vacation packages. For everyone, children and elderly.

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Sauna and hot tub

Book a day for relaxation with your beloved ones, and enjoy the sauna or hot tub looking out over the mirror-like ocean.

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Rent a Swedish cabin on the West Coast

Do you wish to spend your vacation in Sweden? Rent a cabin near the ocean and let yourself be enriched by the magic. At Lagunen you’ll find home-like cabins in multiple sizes. We have something for everyone longing for exploring the West Coast. Explore the charming city center of Stromstad, go on a boat tour on the national marine park called Kosterhavet or try to fish small crabs from the dock. Wake up to the waves rippling and feel the breeze from the ocean – start exploring.