Boathouses at Lagunen

Enjoy our traditional boathouses

The boathouses at Lagunen offers unique experiences. Right by the dock and the ocean you find our beautiful boathouses, newly built in traditional West Coast style, rentable all year around. We recommend you to rent them during winter, when it is chilly outside the boathouses are the coziest place to be. Take a sauna in Eva’s boathouse, have a private tasty dinner by the fireplace in Mali’s boathouse and if you dare, take a swim in the ice cold water before you get warmed up in the hot tub. Welcome to Lagunen and the boathouses!

Prices for sauna/hot tub/boathouse:
Sauna: 695 SEK for 2 hours
Hot tub + sauna: 1895 SEK from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM Boathouse: 600 SEK from 12:00 AM to 9:30 PM

When you book the boathouses, they are exclusively yours for the time you have reserved. However, since the boathouses are located along the sea and on the pier, you should expect that other people may walk by or be on the pier, as the pier itself is open to the public.

An advice!

If you want to rent the sauna and hot tub you should arrive a while before you want to start, since they are both heated up by fire you start yourself. The hot tub takes about 2 hours to get heated and the sauna takes about half an hour.

Have dinner in Mali’s boathouse

In this boathouse you can arrange your own feast! Enjoy freshly caught seafood. During fall the lobster, langoustine, shrimps and mussels taste the best. Or have something else that you prefer to eat. Choose exactly how you want to spend your night.

This boathouse is perfect to rent when you’re a group of friends, having a camper meet-up, if you’re on a family vacation or having a conference. Enjoy your dinner by the fireplace and enjoy the view of the ocean, the cliffs and the pine trees reaching for the stars. And finish up the night with sauna and hot tub, and maybe with a swim in the chilly ocean.

Sauna and hot tub

Rent our lovely sauna and hot tub heated up by firewood chopped in the forest beside you. Enjoy a cozy night together! Get changed in the changing room in one of the boathouses, and go to the other beside it, with the sauna. Relax in the comfortable heat, feel the scent from the wood as your looking at the still archipelago. Just you and the nature.


When you feel like a swim, the ocean is ready for you. We recommend you to try this all year around, it is good for your body and a fun challenge. Get back in the sauna, or why not the hot tub and feel the heat getting back into your body.