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Midsummer at Lagunen

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Celebrate a traditional Swedish Midsummer on the West Coast!

Celebrate midsummer on the Swedish West Coast! At Lagunen you can celebrate a true traditional Midsummer with the family, of course arranged after the current governmental restrictions, which we hopefully won’t have this summer. Put on your flower wreath, eat the most tasty cake filled with strawberries and follow along the ring-dances around the maypole. We’ll guarantee laughter!

This is included when you’re staying with us from Thursday – Sunday

  • Every midsummer tradition, as the maypole and making of the flower wreath
  • Accommodation close to the ocean
  • The restaurant is open
  • Child-friendly
  • Playgrounds, trampolines, adventure-golf, pump-track
  • Bike Park

Fredrik Lundqvist will perform traditional midsummer songs on the area during the day.

14.00-16.00 Fredrik performs midsummer songs around the area.

19.00-20.00 Fredrik performs midsummer songs on the beach.

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What can you do at Lagunen during Midsummer?

Except making a flower wreath and ring-dances around the maypole there a plenty of exciting and fun things for your family to explore. Below you can read about some of many activities all of you can do here on midsummer!

Enjoy a game of adventure-golf

Challenge the family to a game of adventure golf! Our beautiful adventure-golf course lays next to our café, with a magical view of the ocean.

Bike in our Bike Park

In our bike park there are opportunities for a pacey midsummer! Regardless of whether you have previous knowledge, this is for anyone looking for lots of fun. Practice turns or tricks at the technical area or learn how to get speed without pedaling. If you want to feel the best flowy feeling, try our flow-track! There is something for everyone, a perfect activity for the whole family!

Cook at our BBQ-sites

At Lagunen we have around 30 different BBQ sites and firepits, and also a pizza oven. While staying here you have free access to firewood. Some of our BBQ sites belongs to a certain accommodation. For example, if you book a campsite in the Motorhome Park at Solsidan 1-14, each pitch has their own firepit with a cooking grate as well.

Go on a boat tour to Sweden’s only Marine National Park

Go to Koster for a day during your Sweden vacation. Rent a bike or hike in a nature impossible to find anywhere else. Choose one of the many beautiful beaches for a midsummer swim. After a morning packed with fun activities there are plenty of nice restaurants to try and have a tasty bite of food. If you feel like going to Koster during your stay here, just head to the reception and we’ll help you with tickets.

Have dinner at Lagunen Kitchen & Bar

On the beachside you’ll find our restaurant with a magical view of the bay. Enjoy the afternoon sun with a cold drink and tasty food. Have you heard of the Swedish traditional shrimp sandwich? Try ours, with shrimps freshly caught a few minutes from Lagunen together with a cold beer. Everyone are welcomed to our restaurant, of course our four-legged friends as well!

Go kayaking, canoeing or stand-up paddling

With a SUP, kayak or canoe you can easily go everywhere and find real gems. Explore the archipelago by your own and you may get the chance to see a mackerel quickly swim by or a seal peaking up above the surface. Or stay closer to shore at Lagunen and see what you can find while you hear laughter from the beach.

Have a look around by bike

Between Lagunen and Strömstad and further afield there are many of Sweden’s most beautiful cycle lanes. Visit our reception and easily rent bikes and buy tickets to the ferries heading to Koster.


Outdoor cooking

There’s nothing we love more than cooking over an open fire! Do you want to know more about campfire cooking?

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