Eat at the Koster-Islands

Our favorite restaurants

On Koster and the Koster Islands, you’ll find not only a magical natural environment and archipelago setting but also several really good and cozy restaurants. Below, you can read more about our absolute favorites. Need help finding the right restaurant? We’d be happy to guide you to a restaurant that suits your needs. Just contact the reception, and we’ll assist you!


More than anything, we want you to eat well, drink well, feel good, and be well taken care of. Additionally, we are committed to working ecologically and traceably as much as possible, choosing to follow nature rather than trying to tame it. Seasons, of course, dictate what comes through our kitchen door.

Therefore, we change our menu depending on the season, and sometimes it even varies from day to day. The Nordic culinary tradition forms the basis of our cooking, but we have also adopted methods from many corners of our world.

Every morning, we light the fire in the kitchen and start the day with the goal of giving each guest a ‘wow’ experience.


Kosters rökeri

Kosters Rökeri, founded in 1999, is located right by the sea, only a stone’s throw away from Naturum, the main entrance to Koster National Park. Sit down and enjoy a magnificent view and a fantastic environment. Kosters Rökeri aims to provide their guests with a complete experience; top-notch food accompanied by fine beverages in a family-friendly atmosphere at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Kosterhavets Ekobod

Sweden’s westernmost restaurant and cultural stage! The sea, nature, and the people on Koster create a dynamic menu that varies from day to day. In addition to a passion for unique taste experiences based on sustainable ingredients and a well-composed selection of beverages, open events with entertainment, exhibitions, and inspiring lectures promoting sustainable communities are organized.

Hike at the Koster Islands

Experience the Koster Islands on foot, hike along rugged cliffs, through coastal meadows, and lush deciduous forests, always with the sea as your companion.

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Lagunen Beach Bar

Welcome to our excellent restaurant right by the waterfront.

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Café Magasinet

Refreshing ice cream and adventure golf are perfect for hot summer days.

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Eat in Strömstad

Here you'll find restaurants and cafes with flavors from all over the world.

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