Fishing at Lagunen

Visit the Swedish West Coast, known for fantastic fishing opportunities. If you have been dreaming of fishing mackerel, this is your chance! Trout and cod is possible catches as well. Bring the gear, get out to in the lovely nature and try your luck. Perhaps you’ll barbecue your catch on the beach the same evening?

Swedish vacation rentals on the West Coast

At Lagunen you’ll stay in the beautiful archipelago of Strömstad. There are plenty of things to explore. Enjoy a day in the picturesque town Strömstad, a boat tour on the ocean called Kosterhavet or bring your kids to the dock and learn to fish small crabs. The best spot is by the boathouses, right next to the beach on the campsite. Adults and children have been enjoying this activity at that spot for decades! Listen to the sounds of waves rippling, birds chirping and feel the salty breeze from the ocean.