Mackerel - fishing at Lagunen

Catch mackerel at Lagunen

Get a great catch at Lagunen! Spend the night with us and experience amazing mackerel fishing in the surrounding area. Dig out your fishing gear and book a weekend of socialising and amazing fishing! Our reception can help you locate the best spots for catching mackerel – perhaps you’ll have freshly-caught fish for dinner? As all fishermen know, nothing tastes better than fish straight out of the sea!

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Fishing methods

Traditionally, the three most common ways to catch mackerel is by hand-line, a string of lures, or a casting rod. To use a hand-line from a boat, simply add a hook and bait, then let the line sink into the water – then all you have to do is wait. A string of lures should be towed a little distance behind the boat, whilst the boat is moving slowly forwards. With a casting rod, cast the lure and line, then slowly wind up the line – a mackerel will bite in no time!

Where should I fish?

We recommend looking for places that are fairly sheltered and where there are plenty of herring. Sometimes you catch a mackerel almost immediately, at other times it can take a long while for things to start happening. Don’t give up! Mackerel move in huge shoals and cover large distances, so you may suddenly find yourself in the middle of a shoal and pulling them in as fast as you can go!


Mackerel can be caught using different types of lures if a rod is used, or bait like herring or prawn if using for example a hand-line from a boat. If a rod is used, we recommend glossy, silver-coloured spoon lures that look a bit like a herring. If you are planning to use a hand-line from a boat, we recommend baiting the hook with herring.

Welcome to Lagunen and happy mackerel-fishing!

The best thing about fishing for mackerel is that anyone can join in, both young and old. One day you may only catch a single fish, the next you may end up in the middle of a huge shoal and find fish on all the hooks for several hours. Bring the family or a few friends and try your fishing luck at Lagunen – we can help you find the best spots.

The best season for mackerel-fishing is from mid-May until mid-October. During this period, the mackerel visits the west coast to fatten up and lay eggs. At the end of October, the mackerel leave the coast to swim to warmer waters.

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Bo vid Strömstads skärgård

På Lagunen bor du precis där havet och Strömstads skärgård börjar. Här finns alltid något att upptäcka. Blir det en heldag i Strömstad, en båttur på Kosterhavet eller en lugn dag med krabbfiske på mage från Malis brygga, alldeles intill Lagunens badstrand? På Lagunen vaknar du till ljudet av vågornas skvalpande, måsarnas skrik och Kosterhavets havsbris som letar sig in i viken året runt – det är bara du som bestämmer när.