Day Trip on Wheels

Cycling Package Koster!

You can bring your bicycle on board the boat

Lagunen is located just over 3 km from the vibrant town of Strömstad, which offers both hustle and bustle year-round. The best way to get from Lagunen to Koster is by bicycle, and the bike path will safely take you all the way from Lagunen to the Northern harbor where the Koster boats depart.

Explore the scenic Koster Islands!

Fall in love with Sweden’s west coast gem – the Koster Islands, located in the heart of Kosterhavets National Park. This unique archipelago offers an unparalleled combination of untouched nature, crystal-clear waters, and rich biodiversity. The Koster Islands consist of two main islands, South Koster and North Koster, which are home to idyllic fishing villages, picturesque landscapes, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Cycle in Harmony with Nature: Explore the islands’ charming roads and trails by bike. With our package, Lagunen Camping & Cottages offers a unique opportunity to experience the scenic routes of the islands, where every turn reveals breathtaking new views. Cycling is tailored for all age groups and fitness levels, making it a perfect activity for families, couples, or solo travelers.

A Paradise for Nature Enthusiasts: Kosterhavets National Park is Sweden’s first marine national park and a true paradise for nature enthusiasts. Here, you can enjoy abundant marine life, hike along beautiful coastal trails, and perhaps even spot some of the rare species that call Kosterhavet home.

Food and Culture: Don’t miss the opportunity to taste local delicacies and experience the genuine coastal culture. The Koster Islands offer a variety of small cafes and restaurants where you can savor fresh fish and seafood, straight from the sea.

Difficulty Level

It’s an easy cycling route with plenty of stops.

Approximate Time

The island isn’t large. If you cycle across the island and back to Lagunen, it’s approximately 10 km.


This tour should be planned as a full-day excursion.


There are no markings for the cycling routes on Koster, but it’s difficult to get lost.

Get off the boat at South Koster!

When you book our cycling package, it includes a bicycle and boat tickets for you and your bike, which you will greatly appreciate when exploring the Koster Islands. Once on Koster, you can disembark at any pier of your choice. We recommend getting off at one of South Koster’s three piers. From there, you can easily access all parts of the island via gravel roads. Here, you can enjoy great food and create wonderful memories. If you wish to visit the northern island – North Koster, you can cycle to Långegärde, park your bikes, and then take either the cable ferry or one of the larger boats. You can choose the boat departures that suit your schedule; it’s a good idea to check the boat schedules in advance for the day you plan your excursion.

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Cycling Package Koster!

When you book accommodation at Lagunen, you have the option to add our cycling package. The package includes, in addition to your accommodation, a bicycle, and boat tickets to Koster, one ticket for yourself, and one for your bike. You will also receive excellent map materials and recommendations on where to cycle on Koster and in Strömstad. The advantage of this package is that you can easily travel to Strömstad and Koster without having to worry about where to park your car or where to purchase boat tickets. The price for the package is 349 SEK.

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