Privacy Policy

Campingaktiebolaget Lagunen (”Lagunen Camping & Cottages”), org no 556180-3684, Skärsbygdsvägen 40, 452 97 Strömstad, is responsible for the personal data that is processed within the framework of this policy.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and follow the applicable legislations that aim at defending your privacy. Our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes what information we collect from our guests (collectively called “guests”) that use our services (“Services”). Also visitors at Lagunen Camping & Cottages’ webpage and how Lagunen Camping & Cottages use the information to better meet our guests needs.

We aim at maintaining a high standard of the protection of your privacy. Lagunen Camping & Cottages use personal data foremost for administrating, developing and maintaining the Services, process your bookings, optimize your experience of the Services and individualize the communication with you.

Please read this Privacy Policy closely to understand how and for what purposes we process your personal data. By giving your personal data to us and accepting the applicable terms and conditions you approve of the using of your personal data according to what is stated in the particular terms and conditions for each service and this Privacy Policy. If the law demands a more specific consent from you we will of course ask you for such. If you add personal data about others then yourself you are responsible for that Lagunen Camping & Cottages are allowed to use also that personal data according to applicable privacy terms and conditions.

What is personal data?

The term “personal data” refers to information about you and that could identify you as an individual, for example name, adress, age, gender, pictures or bank card information.

1. Why do we collect personal data?

A: In order to deliver a better experience for the guest
What personal data we collect depends on what is relevant for the purpose described in the specific terms and conditions for each Service and this Privacy Policy. The information that could be collected is for example name, address, telephone number, email-address, IP-address, information to facilitate the using of the Services (such as the log-in), chosen language, using history, information about your travel company, booking preferences, payments, “anställning”, contacts for urgent situations, demand for handicap adjustments and other information the guest gives when using the Services.

Our goal at Lagunen Camping & Cottages is to give our guests a better customer experience, whether you are a guest with us once or several times. The information that is collected from guests are used to built a personal profile, by which Lagunen Camping & Cottages can fulfill their part of the arrived agreement and also in order to offer a more flexible and individualized experience.

B: In order to keep you informed about current Services
The personal data you give, if you as a guest has expressly approved of it, could be used to send you newsletters regarding our Services, for example news, offers and before or after a visit.

C: Market research 
As a part of Lagunen Camping & Cottages’ work of analyzing and improving the quality and the experience of the Services we could wish to contact guests to take part in market surveys of focus groups. This in order to receive viewpoints and feedback of the Services that were received during the visit. This sort of information could be collected by a third party and they would be obliged by contract to protect the personal data according with below. Sometimes we will combine the information from a number of guests in order to get a better understanding of trends and expectations from guests. When this occur all the personal data that could be used to identify specific guests are made unidentifiable.

2. How is the personal data collected?

A: Through our webpage/Cookies
Lagunen Camping & Cottages use cookies at its digital sites.

B: When you make a booking through our webpage
You may search for prices and availability without leaving any personal information. Visitors at our webpage that choose to book some of our Services online will have to make a booking profile when completing their first booking. When you create a booking profile you will be exhorted to give specific personal information, including your name, contact details as well as a guarantee to secure your booking such as a banking card number. By confirming a booking Lagunen Camping & Cottages will process your personal data according to our Privacy Policy and the legislation in force. The bank card number will be verified with an escape sequence, but no money will be withdrawn.

When you have confirmed your booking all the booking information that you have filled in will be sent to Lagunen Camping & Cottages’ guest-database. When stating personal data during a booking via or webpage we use an encrypting technology in order to keep your information safe. We also keep a copy of the reservation profile on our webpage, with the exception of the bank card number that is connected to your visit and booking. We use that information to create a log in our web-database. We could also combine the information from several visitors of our webpage in order to investigate how the webpage is used, when this occurs all the data that could be used to identify specific users are made unidentifiable.

C: When making a booking through our Booking Department
You could also make a booking of one of our Services through our Booking Department via email, telephone or directly at Lagunen Camping & Cottages. When booking we could ask you about personal information, for example your name, telephone number, email-address and method of payment. We could also need information from you that relates to special requests regarding your room, dietary requirements or other requests. A confirmation of your booking will be sent to the email-address you provide us with.

D: During your stay
During your stay costs are registered for the Services you use in order to create a foundation for an invoice. We also register this information in order to fulfill the demands of financial reporting, including those that have been initiated by accountants and authorities. We could also collect some information according to local laws as for example passport number. Information that is specific for your stay could also be stored (i.e. health problems, payment difficulties, special requests, service problems). This information is stored in our booking system and is combined with information about former visits you might have done with us.

Furthermore we could keep the content in some kind of document (including letters, comment cards, electronic documents such as email and other similar forms of communication) that you send to us before, during or after your visit. This information could be shared internally with employees at the hotel. Finally, to prepare for your visit, we could also collect a profile picture from a publicly available source (such as for example LinkedIn and Facebook) in order to give you an experience as good as possible with us.

3. How we store and transfer your personal data

Lagunen Camping & Cottages store personal data according to this Privacy Policy and the legislation in force. Lagunen Camping & Cottages use subcontractors for e.g. computer operation and the personal data could therefore be transferred to these subcontractors. Our subcontractors process your personal data only for Lagunen Camping & Cottages’ account, according to our instructions and only after they have signed a personal data processor agreement according with the legislation in force, so that we are able to maintain a high level of protection of your personal data.

Lagunen Camping & Cottages could hand out personal data to a third party, such as the police or other authorities, if there is an investigation of crime or if Lagunen Camping & Cottages otherwise are obliged to hand out personal data according to legal authority.

Lagunen Camping & Cottages generally do not share personal data to countries outside of EU/EES but if we for example have a subcontractor in a country outside of EU/EES or if it is needed so that we could accomplish the contractual commitments towards you, transferring of personal data to countries outside of EU/EES could occur even if that country, according to the EU-commission, do not have the adequate protection of personal data. In order to secure a high level of protection of your personal data in such situations and observance of the EU/EES-rules Lagunen Camping & Cottages arrive at a personal data processor agreement with such subcontractors. These personal data processor agreements regulate the subcontractors’ processing of the personal data and, when it is applicable, transferring of personal data according with EU/EES rules about protection of personal data in force. The agreements contains terms and conditions the EU-commission demands and that meet the  demands the law in force requires to protect the transferred personal data.

4. Protection and erasure of personal data

Lagunen Camping & Cottages has taken technical and organizational measures in order to protect your personal data from e.g. loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our safety measures with the technical development.

Lagunen Camping & Cottages erase personal data according with the legislation in force at any given time. This means e.g. tjat Lagunen Camping & Cottages delete or make the personal data unidentifiable when the purpose of the processing of the personal data no longer exists. The purpose of out processing of your personal data emerges from the paragraphs above and the privacy terms and conditions.

5. Other applications/webpages

In the Services it might occur links to other applications and/or webpages that are not controlled by Lagunen Camping & Cottages. This Privacy Policy is only applicable on your use of the Services. Lagunen Camping & Cottages are not responsible of the content in the linked applications/webpages and the treatment of personal data possibly made by the owners or operators of the linked webpages.

6. Change, erase and check your personal data

If your personal data would change, please inform Lagunen Camping & Cottages about this by sending a message to the address that is written in paragraph 9. Lagunen Camping & Cottages are not responsible for problems that occur as a consequence of old or incorrect personal data if you failed to inform us about the change.

Lagunen Camping & Cottages will, on your request or when Lagunen Camping & Cottages discover it, correct or erase incorrect or incomplete information. You also have the right to free of charge get an extract that shows what personal data about you that is processed. The request of an extract should be made in writing to Lagunen Camping & Cottages AB to the adress that is written in paragraph 9 and should be signed with one’s own hand and include your name, postal address, telephone number, email-address (that have been used communicating with Lagunen Camping & Cottages). The extract will be sent to your national registered address within a month from the time the application has been received by Lagunen Camping & Cottages. How often you have the right to an extract could vary depending on where you live.

You can whenever revoke your consent to further processing (not retroactively) of your personal data by contacting Lagunen Camping & Cottages at the address stated in paragraph 9, whereupon Lagunen Camping & Cottages will prevent such information from further processing. Be aware of that the revoking of consent does not effect the processing that is allowed without your consent (e.g. the provision of the Services you have booked) but could result with the Services no longer work as it was intended or that Lagunen Camping & Cottages no longer are able to provide the Services.

7. Transfer

If we sell, reorganize or in other way transfer the whole or parts of our business your personal data could be transferred at the same time.

8. Changes to our Privacy Policy

If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy the new terms and conditions will be published at Lagunen Camping & Cottages’ webpages so that you always know how we process your personal data. Therefore we recommend that you regularly read these. Without your expressed consent we will not reduce your rights according to this Privacy Policy regarding the personal data that has already been collected about you.

9. Contact

If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding how Lagunen Camping & Cottages’ process personal data and conform to the terms and conditions or the legislation in force regarding protection of personal data, please send a letter to Lagunen Camping & Stugor, Att Responsible of personal data, Skärbygdsvägen 40, 452 97 Strömstad.