Hiking on the west coast

Hike on Bohusläns hiking trails

Hiking on the West Coast is a fantastic experience in the nature, constantly providing new scenery. You get to experience endless views of granite cliffs by the ocean, as well as the lush forest further inland. In addition, you can hike on your personal level, regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro. Pack a bigger big and start hiking one of the longer hiking trails, or bring a tasty lunch for the day excursion. Travel to Sweden for hiking, you will never regret it.

Suggestions of trails

There are plenty of wonderful hiking trails to choose from. Choose a shorter one close to Lagunen, or hike on islands or in the forest. Our suggestions are based on your preference, in order for you to have a pleasant and memorable experience.

Hike on the Kosterislands

Experience the Koster Islands on foot, walk along barren cliffs, through beach meadows and lush deciduous forests. Constantly with the sea present.


BBQ weather?

At Lagunen you can choose between several different barbecue areas, all in a beautiful environment near forest and sea.

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Swedish vacation rentals on the West Coast

At Lagunen you’ll stay in the beautiful archipelago of Strömstad. There are plenty of things to explore. Enjoy a day in the cute town Strömstad, a boat tour on the ocean called Kosterhavet or bring your kids to the dock and learn to fish small crabs. The best spot is by the boathouses, right next to the beach on the campsite. Adults and children have been enjoying this activity at that spot for decades! Listen to the sounds of waves rippling, birds chirping and feel the salty breeze from the ocean.