Walk the Bohusleden trail

Bohusleden is one of the best known and most popular walking trails in the south of Sweden. It consists of 27 stages and covers a distance of 370 kilometres, from Lindome in the south to Strömstad in the north. The final four stages – from Vassbotten near the Norwegian border to Strömstad – offer varied walking conditions along forest paths and smaller roads through the beautiful Bohuslän landscape.

Stage 26 Nedre Högstad – Krokstrand

The 26th stage of the Bohusleden is a challenging and demanding walk. The trail passes woodlands and barren hillsides, forest roads and farms and runs through an area of natural beauty and with amazing views. The trail reaches great heights, including the highest point in Bohuslän, Björnerödspiggen 222 metres above sea level, which has a viewing tower, BBQ areas and a windbreak. This stage also takes in historic sites, including rock carvings from the Bronze Age and a 5000-year old grave.

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Stage 27 Strömstad – Högstad

Stage 27 is the first or last leg of the Bohusleden trail, depending on your starting point. This stretch offers beautiful unspoilt nature and peaceful forest paths. There are also a few exciting detours along the route. One of these takes you first to a Bronze Age grave, then a couple of kilometres further on, to an impressive cave with magical views. More historic sites are available further along the trail, including Blomsholm Country Estate, which was founded in the 17th century and is home to Sweden’s largest stone ship, measuring just over 40 metres in length.

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Explore Strömstad Municipality

The part of Bohusleden that crosses Strömstad Municipality is around 60 kilometres long. Along the route are many natural treasures to discover. Take the opportunity to climb Bohuslän’s highest mountain, Björnerödspiggen, which stretches 222 metres above sea level. At the top, the views are magical and far-reaching. See exciting rock carvings and other ancient remains. In some places it doesn’t feel like Bohuslän at all, as the trail mainly runs inland. These parts are more similar to the mountainous parts of Norrland, which makes the wilderness feel even more peaceful and gives a sense of really being at one with nature.


Depending on your choice of stages to complete, the difficulty varies from easy to intermediate. If you are planning a really long hike, the difficulty is intermediate.

Approximate duration

You can complete all four stages within the Strömstad Municipality in a day if you are prepared to walk from morning until nightfall.


The full length of the Bohusleden trail is 370 kilometres, and the portion in Strömstad is around 60 kilometres. Bohusleden is marked with orange paint on trees and posts.

Mixed walking

Most of the Bohusleden trail offers easy walking, however like any longer trail, some parts involce bigger height differences and are therefore more demanding. The stretch between Vassbotten and Håvedalen contains both steep hills and deep valleys. Here and there, you are treated to magnificent views of the forests of Bohuslän as well as the glittering ocean in the far west. From Krokstrand the trail climbs the majestic range of Löveråsfjället, of which Björnerödpiggen is a peak you really must experience.

Bo vid Strömstads skärgård

På Lagunen bor du precis där havet och Strömstads skärgård börjar. Här finns alltid något att upptäcka. Blir det en heldag i Strömstad, en båttur på Kosterhavet eller en lugn dag med krabbfiske på mage från Malis brygga, alldeles intill Lagunens badstrand? På Lagunen vaknar du till ljudet av vågornas skvalpande, måsarnas skrik och Kosterhavets havsbris som letar sig in i viken året runt – det är bara du som bestämmer när.