Activities on the Swedish West Coast

What do you feel like doing?

The West Coast is usually associated with the summer, but we know how much there is to explore during the whole year. Enjoy a swim in the ocean and lazy days on the beach during the summer, or take a needed break from the hectic everyday life during fall, winter and spring.

Sauna and hot tub
Lagunen Bikepark
Rent a motorboat
Beach Excursion
Fishing Crabs
Rent a paddleboard
Rent a tram boat
Trubadur at the dock
Rent a bike
Rent canoes and kayaks
Try out MTB with a guide
Beach Excursion
Try out MTB with LO Bikes!
Naturum Koster Marin National park
Old Svinesund Bridge
Expedition Bohuslän
Haldens Fortress

There’s Always Something to Do

Lagunen is perfect when you want to get away for a weekend trip all year round, and whether you’re seeking relaxation, an exciting adventure, a weekend with friends, or a cozy get-away for two, Bohuslän offers you an unforgettable experience. How about boat trips in July, seafood in October, sauna baths in December, or golf in April?

At Lagunen, there’s always something to do. With the sea and the forest right on your doorstep, Northern Bohuslän is the perfect destination for an active vacation. There’s something for everyone, young and old. Stay at Lagunen, discover the city pulse in Strömstad, or explore the hidden gems of Bohuslän – you decide your adventure.

Activities summer

Working out on the beach or a boat tour? While staying here this summer you can also join some of our guided activities. They are from week 26 until week 32.

The activity schedule

MTB Selfguided

Bring the family to Lagunen for a wonderful experience in the nature by bike.

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Explore the West Coast

With Lagunen as starting point it is easy to explore the West Cost. Here is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are looking for unique nature, gastronomic experiences, genuine history or a city pulse.

The coast with the mountains and cliffs and the mysterious forests is like a gold mine for you who would like to climb, hike or cycle through the magical landscape. Just a stone’s throw away you can find Tanum’s world heritage site, where historical stories are craved in to the old granite. The archipelago offers you world class’ experiences. Why not try canoeing in between the small islands next time you’re here?