Practice your technique on MTB

Lagunen Bike Park

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Take your mountain bike to our Bike Park

Lagunen has its own bike park located closely to the campsite. We have built a fun park with plenty of opportunities. If you would like to learn how to get speed without pedaling our pump track is the perfect option. If you would like to practice your turns and jumps you should start on our technical area. If you would like to have that flowy feeling in the soft turns you should try out our flow track.

Biking through the woods in Lagunen Bike Park!

This rout shows you how easy it is to get to the Bike park through the woods. When you and your group have arrived, everyone can find their own challenge. Practicing technique here is both fun and useful. Because the Bike Park is on a limited area, no one will outrun anyone else. Each one of you may take a break when needed, and the opportunities on spending time together and have fun with technical biking is superb. If you want instructions and tips it is possible to book a MTB-guide through Lagunen.

Download GPX-file

Level of difficulty

It is easy to bike to the bike park. The way home is a bit more tricky.

Estimated time

We advise you to spend half a day here. Feel free to use the lovely fireplace and barbecue some hot dogs. There is firewood for anyone to use here as well.


This rout is measured to barely 4km. But you decide how much you would like to bike in the park of course.


There are no markings.  You bike on paths and dirt roads. Use an app and download the GPX-file.

Which map application do you use?

Lagunen has chosen to focus on three different applications, which we believe are the best ones in our area. Each one are available as good free versions, but if you pay for a subscription you’ll have more functions. You can also download the GPX-file to your own favorite application. In the reception we sell a map in the scale 1:50 0000, which is helpful as well.

  • Viewranger: an app which has good user interface and map functions. It originates from hiking and navigating through forest and nature. It is easy to use if you would like to make your own routes. We mainly use it for hiking and biking on paths. It integrates with Openstreetmap, which is very well updated in our area.
  • Trailforks: this one is for the biker who bikes on paths. Here bikers come together who like the forest. Free maps to be able to see where the good path-biking is.
  • Strava: this app has app has been around for a long time and in our area there are a lot of members. Therefore, this one is frequently updated with routes for both road biking and mountain biking.

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Swedish vacation rentals at the West Coast

At Lagunen you’ll stay in the beautiful archipelago of Strömstad. There are plenty of things to explore. Enjoy a day in the cute town Strömstad, a boat tour on the ocean called Kosterhavet or bring your kids to the dock and learn to fish small crabs. The best spot is by the boathouses, right next to the beach on the campsite. Adults and children have been enjoying this activity at that spot for decades! Listen to the sounds of waves rippling, birds chirping and feel the salty breeze from the ocean.