Walk on Sydkoster!

Outside Strömstad are the beautiful Koster Islands. Complete your archipelago experience by visiting and exploring these islands. Sydkoster is the bigger of the two, with four colour-coded walking trails covering more or less the entire island. Walk through an area of natural beauty with everything from open fields and meadows to old broadleaf forests and wonderful viewpoints by the sea.

Walk and enjoy Kosterhavet National Park

Sydkoster has a lush landscape with broadleaf forests, coastal meadows covered in flowers, and long sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming. Choose between four colour-coded trails, each between 3 and 5 kilometres long. Combine all four trails to take in the whole island and cover a distance of around 14 kilometres. The trails will take you both across the inland area between the ports and along a significant portion of the coast. Stop at Valfjäll’s viewpoint, swim from the long sandy beach at Kilesand, or explore the world under the surface along Rörvik’s snorkelling trail.

You are surrounded by Kosterhavet National Park, Sweden’s most species-rich marine area, which is home to around 12,000 different plants and animals, half below the surface and half on land.

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Walking on the Koster Islands is family-friendly and pleasant. The difficulty varies from easy to intermediate depending on how far you want to go.

Approximate duration

To walk all four paths on Sydkoster requires around the same number of hours on foot.


The combined length of the four walking trails on Sydkoster is around 15 kilometres. They are marked in blue, yellow, green, and red, respectively.

  • Blå slinga: Långagärde – Ekenäs: 3,5km
  • Gul slinga: Långagärde – Brevik 4km
  • Gul slinga: Brevik – Ekenäs 3km
  • Grön slinga: Kilesand – Långevik 5km
  • Röd slinga: Ekenäs – Kilesand 3km
  • Röd slinga: Kilesand – Brevik 4km

Sights on Sydkoster

Sydkoster is the larger island, with more buildings and nature experiences. There are a few things you really must not miss when hiking here. One example is Naturum Kosterhavet, the visitor centre for Kosterhavet National Park. Valfjäll is a viewpoint with amazing views over the islands and the perfect place to take a break.

Kosters Trädgårdar is a wonderful place with a restaurant, greenhouse, bakery and friendly farm shop. And if you need to cool down after a tough day on the trails, there are a number of places to swim. Rörvik also has an exciting snorkelling trail to explore.

  • Blue route: Långagärde – Ekenäs: 3,5km
  • Yellow route: Långagärde – Brevik 4km
  • Yellow route: Brevik – Ekenäs 3km
  • Green route: Kilesand – Långevik 5km
  • Red route: Ekenäs – Kilesand 3km
  • Red route: Kilesand – Brevik 4km

Bo vid Strömstads skärgård

På Lagunen bor du precis där havet och Strömstads skärgård börjar. Här finns alltid något att upptäcka. Blir det en heldag i Strömstad, en båttur på Kosterhavet eller en lugn dag med krabbfiske på mage från Malis brygga, alldeles intill Lagunens badstrand? På Lagunen vaknar du till ljudet av vågornas skvalpande, måsarnas skrik och Kosterhavets havsbris som letar sig in i viken året runt – det är bara du som bestämmer när.