Rent a bike

Discover the Swedish westcoast by bike!

Few places are as great to explore by bike as the West Coast. The bicycle is perfect when you want to take the whole family on a wonderful vacation and see both the windy sea, barren cliffs, narrow forest trails, and picturesque small towns all at once. At Lagunen, you can both rent a bike and discover Bohuslän, race on the track in the bike park, and participate in training sessions with Strömstad CK.

Rent your bike at Lagunen

You can easily rent your city bike at Lagunen. You’ll find the bike rental service at the reception. Come on in, and we’ll assist you in planning your adventure.

Here’s how to rent a bike:

  1. Go to the reception and select the number of bikes you want to rent.
  2. After payment and signing the agreement, you’ll receive a helmet and a key for your bike.
  3. Unlock the bike, put on your helmet, and enjoy your bike ride.
  4. Return your bike, lock it, and leave the key and helmet at the reception.
1 day: 200 SEK

Lagunen’s Tips

Around Lagunen and Strömstad, you’ll find some of Sweden’s most beautiful cycling routes, and there’s plenty to discover. Rent your bike at Lagunen and purchase a boat ticket to Koster at the reception. Cycle with a view of the sea and beautiful landscapes into Strömstad and to the Koster boat. Bring your bike on the ferry to the Koster Islands and enjoy the salty scents while keeping an eye out for seals, or explore the mainland’s scenic cycling paths and Strömstad’s hidden gems. In the evening, take the boat back to Strömstad and cycle back to Lagunen while watching the sunset.

Bikepark Mini

Our unique bike track on the Sunny Side (Solsidan) is especially popular among our younger guests, and it’s all about speed. Using pumping techniques, you can quickly navigate the track, and the harder you push with your bike, the faster you’ll go. Everyone is welcome to ride with their bike or kick scooter, as long as helmets are worn, and consideration is shown to others. Test your speed, practice tricks, jump over the bumps, or just take an exhilarating lap around the track!


Feeling up for a challenge? The mountain bike race Grenserittet is organized once every year. Starting in Strömstad and finishing in Halden, Norway, this popular race attracts not only Swedes and Norwegians but also tourists! Covering eight miles through forests and fields, the race is a major celebration once you cross the finish line, with a big festival atmosphere.

Activities for the whole family!

At Lagunen, there’s always something to do. Check out our suggestions for what you and your family can do during your stay with us.

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Explore the West Coast

With Lagunen as your base, it’s easy to explore the entire West Coast and discover all of Bohuslän and its surrounding areas. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for stunning nature, gastronomic experiences, genuine history, or the vibrancy of the city.

The coastline with its mountains, cliffs, and mystical forests is a treasure trove for those who want to climb, hike, and cycle through the Bohuslän landscape. Just a stone’s throw from Lagunen, you’ll find the Tanum World Heritage site, where historical stories carved into the Bohus granite still fascinate and amaze to this day. The archipelago offers world-class experiences. Try exploring the Kosterhavet Islands by canoe the next time you’re here.