Discover the natural landscape around you!

A free activity, which keeps you moving as you explore new places.

For 10 years, ‘hittaut’ has tempted thousands of participants to go outside in search of checkpoints. Bring a map on your walk, cycling trip or jog to activate both body and brain, and perhaps discover some new places. Each checkpoint has a code that you can record on your account for the chance to win great prizes. Anyone can take part at their own pace, 24 hours a day during the season, which usually lasts from May until October. Hittaut is also used as a health promotion initiative by companies and schools.

Take part on your own terms

You can take part in hittaut on your own or with others. Choose whether to walk, cycle, run, skateboard, roller-skate or something else. Accessible checkpoints can be reached on wheels and are marked with a wheel symbol. They are positioned along sealed or tightly packed gravel roads, which makes them accessible for anyone using for example a pram, wheelchair, motorised wheelchair, walking aid or bicycle.

Challenge your neighbour, friend or colleague and monitor your statistics for recorded checkpoints on the website. You can use hittaut whenever you like, as it is available 24 hours a day during the season.

What is hittaut?

The aim of hittaut is to search for checkpoints in urban areas and forests. This is one of Sweden’s biggest health promotion projects. It is owned by the Swedish Orienteering Association and run by local orienteering clubs. By 2020, hittaut was available at more than 50 locations and had attracted around 80,000 participants. The focus is on maps and digital technology and the aim is to help people to become more active and to explore the natural landscape around them.

How does hittaut work?

Each circle on the map represents a checkpoint, which is marked with a checkpoint post in real life. Each checkpoint has its own code, which you record on your account. Create an account on orientering.se/hittaut or download the hittaut app. The map for hittaut is available from Lagunen’s reception.

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Vandra på västkusten från Lagunen Camping & Stugor

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