Walking on Nordkoster!

The beautiful Koster Islands are located outside Strömstad. Complete your coastal experience by visiting and exploring these islands. Nordkoster has two signposted trails through a breath-takingly beautiful natural landscape. Experience undulating moorlands, vast shingle beaches and scrubland. Along the trails are plenty of opportunities to take a detour, so there is no need to plan the walk in great detail – just take the day as it comes. Spend some time on Nordkoster – it will be a truly rewarding experience.

Experience Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet is Sweden’s first marine national park and opened in September 2009. Kosterhavet National Park is home to around 12,000 plant and animal species, half below the water and half on land. Common species share the space with rarer and entirely unique ones. Big parts of the two Koster Islands are protected. Work is underway to restore the Koster landscape to the way it used to look in times gone by. To safeguard the islands, there are a number of rules you must follow when you visit. Visit for further information.

Öppna karta


Almost anyone can walk on Nordkoster, as the two trails are fairly easy to complete.

Approximate duration

At a normal walking pace, it takes around two hours to complete the trails.


The combined length of the trails on Nordkoster is just under eight kilometres. Both start and finish near the southern central parts.


The trail with white markings is four kilometres long and the three and a half kilometre long trail is marked in orange.

  • White route: 4km
  • Orange route: 3,5km

Sights on Nordkoster

While walking on Nordkoster there are a few sights you really must see. The shingle beaches at Valnäsbukten are impressive with their traces of the Ice Age and clearly visible remains from when Koster rose from the sea during the post-glacial rebound. Valnäs is home to the rare buttercup Ranunculus cymbalaria: so unique it is only found on the Koster Islands. Basteviken, Norrvikarna and Hasslevikarna are three of the lovely bays where you can swim during the summer. And don’t forget to visit the lighthouses, the islands’ highest point, with unbeatable views of the Koster Archipelago.

  • White route: 4km
  • Orange route: 3,5km

Hike on the west coast from Lagunen Camping & Cottages

From Lagunen Camping & Cottages, you have a fantastic location for hiking on the west coast! Bring your tent, pack your hiking boots, fill your backpack with delicious snacks, and come to Bohuslän when you want to hike along the coast. Hike on the salt-sprayed Nordkoster and Sydkoster islands, try some of the stages along Bohusleden and Kuststigen trails, or explore the shorter hiking routes on Saltö, Västra Rossö – Kockholmen, and around Lagunen Camping & Cottages. Hiking in Bohuslän is suitable for beginners, experienced enthusiasts, or seasoned pros. Welcome to discover hiking on the west coast.