Walk around Lagunen

Walk around Lagunen Campground & Cottages

Lagunen has a circular path which is great for walking all year round. Enjoy the salty sea breeze and the view of Starekilen. This trail is suitable for all the family – whatever the weather. End the walk with a refreshing swim in the sea, or warm up in Lagunen’s hot tub.

Walk with wonderful views

The area around Lagunen has a number of walking trails of varying length, all in peaceful and beautiful natural surroundings, close to both the sea and woodlands. The trails offer easy walking and are suitable for all the family. The longest marked walking trail is Musslan on Daftö, the green trail on the map. This walk is around 5.5 km long and takes you around Lagunen and Daftö, where ocean and forest dominate. If you prefer a shorter walk, choose the shorter circular trail, marked in blue on the map. This is a short route of around 2 km on gravel roads through woodland. The yellow trail leads to Lagunen Bike Park, and the short trail goes to the viewpoint and shelter.

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The walks around Lagunen are family-friendly and beautiful. All trails offer easy walking and are suitable for all the family, young and old.

Approximate duration

The time varies depending on the trail. The longest trail, Musslan, takes around 1 hour to complete and the shortest one, around Lagunen, takes around 20 minutes.


The Musslan trail is marked with pictures of a mussel. It starts at Lagunen, circles Daftö, then returns to the starting point. The other trails on the map above are unmarked.

Finish your walk with a sauna

Is there anything nicer than relaxing in a warm hot tub after a long walk? In particular during the winter months, our sauna and hot tub are available to book, so that you can warm up after a chilly walk around Lagunen.

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Walk on the west coast, starting from Lagunen Campground & Cottages

Lagunen Campground & Cottages is the perfect starting point for hikes on the west coast of Sweden! Bring a tent, pack the walking boots, fill the backpack with healthy snacks and visit Bohuslän to hike along the shoreline. Walk on the windswept islands of Nordkoster and Sydkoster, try one of the stages of the Bohusleden or Kuststigen trails, or explore one of the smaller walking trails on Saltö, Västra Rossö – Kockholmen, or around Lagunen. Walking in Bohuslän is suitable for everyone, whether you are a novice, an experienced enthusiast, or a long-standing professional. Welcome to discover walking on the west coast.