Code of conduct

We’re all different!

This is what we love so much about camping, the fact that we get to meet different types of people all the time. Whether you stay in a tent, your own motorhome, have a stationary caravan, or spend the weekend in one of our cottages, you are always surrounded by neighbours. This means that we all have to respect each other, be considerate, and follow a few simple rules to make sure that everyone enjoys their time at Lagunen.

1. Orderliness

Lagunen should be peaceful and orderly 24/7. Between 11pm and 7am, the area must be quiet and the use of vehicles is not permitted.

Use emergency phone no: +46 (0) 526 75 50 01 for incident reporting when our reception is closed.

2. Clean and tidy

Service buildings must be kept clean and tidy, and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted inside these buildings. Smoking is not permitted in any indoor environment. Refuse must be placed in the provided bins or at our waste stations. Only household waste is permitted in our bins. Bulk refuse must be taken to the closest recycling station, which is located in Strömstad. Charcoal and ashes must be emptied into the dedicated containers at our waste stations. Igloos are available for disposal of plastic and glass containers. Any deposits collected will be given to charity.

3. Safety

Barbecues must be used for barbecuing. Disposable barbecues are not permitted at the campgrounds. Open fires on the ground are also not permitted.

Electricity – guests are responsible for checking that all cables are intact and that all electronic equipment bears the CE marking.

4. Pets

Pets are very welcome at Lagunen. We have our own dog beach, north of the Adventure Golf, with freshwater for rinsing your dog. Pets are welcome in the restaurant and even have their own Dog Bar. In return, we require all pets to be on a leash and to be toileted outside the pitch areas. Naturally, all mess must be picked up (bags available in the shop).