Opening hours

Lagunen is open all year round!

The campground at Lagunen is open all year round. This is a place where you can experience all the seasons of Bohuslän: the sprouting plants in spring, the refreshing salty spray and seaweed in summer, the stormy waves in autumn, and the ice that forms a crispy layer across the bay in winter. You can spend the night in a cottage, motorhome or caravan at Lagunen on any date, all year round, and one of our service blocks is always open. If we are not on site, you can use the automatic self check-in machine to check in and out.

Reception & store!

Monday – Sunday
09.00 – 21.00

Lagunen Beach Bar

17.00 – 21.00

14.00 – 21.00

Café Magasinet

Open during the summerseason between June 25 – august 15.


Boden is open during the summerseason between July 2 to august 8. The rest of the year are you welcome to come by the reception and we will help you there.

Our activities

This year, Lagunen will offer organised activities throughout the summer. We will obviously adhere to all applicable restrictions. Learn more about our activities HERE

Available packages

Read about currently available offers and packages at Lagunen. We have plenty on offer for all ages.

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The Boat Houses at Lagunen

The boat houses at Lagunen offer unique experiences. Warm up in the sauna, soak in a hot tub, or have dinner by the water’s edge.

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Visit the Swedish West Coast all year round

Lagunen, on the Swedish West Coast, is a place where you can stay whatever the time of year, and a place to experience how the ocean changes with the seasons: the shimmering light in the spring, the salty breeze in summer, the dramatic swells in the autumn, and the crisp, frost-covered bay in winter. There is always something to do on the Swedish West Coast, and we offer unbeatable experiences throughout the year. All the little gems of Bohuslän are within easy reach from Lagunen, which offers comfortable accommodation to suit your needs.