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The gem of Kosterhavet

This guided boat trip offers an opportunity to visit both Ursholmen, Sweden’s most westerly lighthouse, and the mythical Sydkoster with its beautiful natural landscape. On the journey through the archipelago, our guide talks about Kosterhavet and the surrounding area. There is a good chance of encountering seals on the islands around Koster. Perhaps time for a ‘sealfie’…?

More about the boat trip

This trip has two booking options. You can either choose the one that only visits Koster or add a visit to Ursholmen to experience this as well. You can spend 30 minutes on Ursholmen or 2.5 hours on the Koster Islands, but also fit in both.

On Ursholmen, we are met by the Lighthouse Keeper, Axel Haglund, who talks about his and his family’s life on the island. He explains in great detail how the families lived and what their daily lives looked like, and about the children who attended school both on Ursholmen and Koster. An exciting story with plenty of feeling that will take you back to a bygone era, mixed with magical views of the horizon.

The Koster Islands offer plenty to do for all the family. Activities include cycling, snorkelling, walking through a unique landscape, and a refreshing dip from one of the many beaches. After a busy morning, you have a choice of a number of nice restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a tasty meal.

Prices & Times


Adult: 325 kr/ person
Children 6-12 years: 145 kr/ person
Children 0-6 years: Free
Bring your bicycle: 170 kr/ person
Rent a bicycle at Koster: 150 kr/ person

Priser Ekenäs – Ursholmen

Adult: 195 kr/ person
Children 6-12 years: 95 kr/ person
Children 0-6 years: Free

10:00 Departure Lagunen
10:50 Arrival Naturum/Ekenäs Sydkoster
11:40 Arrival Ursholmen
12:10 Departure Ursholmen

12:50 Arrival Naturum/Ekenäs Sydkoster
15:10 Arrival Naturum/Ekenäs Sydkoster
16:00 Arrival Lagunen

Every wednesday & friday june 30th – august 20th

Please note that the guided tour must be pre-booked. Children under 6 years must be booked due to the maximum number of passengers on board.

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Bo vid Strömstads skärgård

På Lagunen bor du precis där havet och Strömstads skärgård börjar. Här finns alltid något att upptäcka. Blir det en heldag i Strömstad, en båttur på Kosterhavet eller en lugn dag med krabbfiske på mage från Malis brygga, alldeles intill Lagunens badstrand? På Lagunen vaknar du till ljudet av vågornas skvalpande, måsarnas skrik och Kosterhavets havsbris som letar sig in i viken året runt – det är bara du som bestämmer när.