Island-hop on the West Coastfrom Lagunen Camping & Cottages

BÄtluffa pÄ vÀstkusten frÄn Lagunen Camping & Stugor

Spend your vacation in Sweden and explore one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Island-hopping is a fun and beautiful way to travel around the West Coast and there are plenty of lovely harbors and picturesque fishing villages to explore. Go on a daytrip and have a day to enjoy the archipelago, or stay for one or several nights somewhere you fancy – you can choose what is suitable for your vacation.

Take the ferry from the docks at Lagunen

Hop on a ferry and start your travel, in the northern parts of the West Coast, and go all the way down south to Gothenburg. Only you decide how far you want to travel, for how long time you want to be away and how much you will discover! From Lagunen ferries departure several days a week heading to Strömstad or South Koster. If you have been exploring Strömstad and the Koster Islands, why not spend a night or two at Lagunen and enjoy the stillness close to the forest and ocean. Start your adventure here with us, welcome!


From Lagunen ferries departure heading to Strömstad and Koster Islands several days a week.

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Book your stay

Stay a night or two at our beautiful campsite! Stay in a cabin, bring a tent or your camper.

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Rent a bike

Stay on land for a while, explore the nature and discover the cozy town Strömstad.

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When you get hungry

Enjoy a meal at our restaurant or why not get in to Strömstad our out on the Koster Islands and try the restaurants there.

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Activities for the whole family!

At Lagunen there’s always something to do. Have a look at our proposals on what you and your family can do during your stay here.

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Everything about island-hopping on the West Coast

At West Sweden Tourist Board website you can find everything you need to know before you start Island-hopping! Here you find different routes and a lot more.

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BÄtluffa pÄ vÀstkusten

FrĂ„n Lagunen Camping & Stugor vid Strömstad har du ett perfekt lĂ€ge nĂ€r du ska starta eller avsluta din bĂ„tluff pĂ„ vĂ€stkusten. Med avgĂ„ngar frĂ„n Lagunens brygga varje vecka, nĂ„r du hela BohuslĂ€n. Lagunen Camping & Stugor Ă€r perfekt nĂ€r du vill ta en paus – bo pĂ„ vĂ„r camping i Strömstad eller i stuga och upplev lugnet, nĂ€rheten till havet och Norra BohuslĂ€ns vackra natur.